Sunday, September 30, 2007

HD DVDs To Be Released This Tuesday, October 2

On that day, Paramount will release Top Gun on HD DVD. Dolby TrueHD 5.1 and DTS-ES 6.1 audio options are available on the disc but none of the special features from the DVD release will be ported over.

We've previously posted information that the Japanese HD DVD release of Top Gun is expected to include Dolby TrueHD 6.1 and Dolby Digital-Plus 6.1 audio options, plus an audio commentary (TBC) ported over from the DVD release. It would be interesting to see a comparison being made between the North American and Japanese HD DVD release.

Back to the topic, Galapagos and A Room with a View will also be available on HD DVD, from BBC/Warner.

The remaining HD DVDs from Warner Home Video will be non-combo re-issues of films that were initially released on the HD DVD/DVD Combo disc

Films that were initially released on HD DVD/DVD Combo discs and priced at $39.99 SRP will be re-issued as non-combo releases and priced $34.99 SRP each, effective October 2. The affected titles are:
  • The Ant Bully
  • The Departed
  • The Fountain
  • Happy Feet
  • Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
  • Lady In the Water
  • The Lake House
  • Letters from Iwo Jima
  • Superman Returns

In addition, Good Night and Good Luck will also be affected by this move and will be priced $28.99 SRP (Non-combo release), effective October 2.


Friday, September 28, 2007

'High-Def Home Makeover With HD DVD' Sweepstakes

North American HD DVD Promotional Group Inc. has announced the 'High-Def Home Makeover With HD DVD' sweepstakes.

Enter for a chance to win a home-theater makeover valued at up to $25,000, complete with a high-definition TV, HD DVD player and movie library, surround sound, interior design consultation and more. Full details on this website...

The website also provides tips on how to high-def your home to create the Ultimate HD Home Theater.

What really caught my eye is the interior design consultation portion of the prizes. The consultant selected by the Sponsor will evaluate the room the winner has designated for the HD home theater room makeover. The consultant will create a plan for updating and redesigning the interior of the room.


Thursday, September 27, 2007

Further Details of 'Shrek the Third' HD DVD

We've earlier posted about Shrek the Third being announced on HD DVD and this HD DVD title will be available to own starting November 13 at $39.98 SRP each.

Main feature on the HD DVD is presented in 1080p High Definition 1.85:1 with Dolby Digita-Plus 5.1 (English, French & Spanish) audio options. English [SDH], French, Portuguese & Spanish subtitle options are provided.

Paramount has issued a press release today providing a detailed explanation of each item in the list of bonus materials...

The HD DVD includes a number of interactive and web-enabled features. "The Animators' Corner" is an all-new, interactive, picture-in-picture experience featuring storyboards relevant to the scenes on screen, plus branching to the "Lost Scenes;" "The World of Shrek" is a movie guide that provides biographies of key characters and the actors who voice them; "My Menus" are customizable character-themed menus; "Shrek's Trivia Track" features pop-up fun facts; and "Donkey's Digital Coloring Book" is an interactive coloring book that allows viewers to digitally paint their favorite scenes.

The Shrek the Third DVD and HD DVD presentations offer not only a fantastically entertaining movie but also a swamp full of bonus content for fans of all ages:
  • Shrek's Guide to Parenthood - Donkey, Puss in Boots, Pinocchio and Gingy offer their priceless parenting tips for Shrek & Fiona!
  • Meet the Cast & Behind-the-Scenes featurette
  • Lost Scenes
  • Tech of Shrek
  • Hilarious Donkey Dance music video
  • Big Green Goofs
  • DreamWorks Animation Video Jukebox
  • DreamWorks Kids - This Way to Play - Fun and creative bonus features for kids, including:
    - Learn to Donkey Dance: You've seen his video, now Donkey teaches the moves
    - How to Be Green: Shrek and Donkey give kids fun and simple tips on how to be environmentally friendly every day (from conserving water and energy to building your very own worm farm)
    - Merlin's Magic Crystal Ball: Let Merlin answer all of your deepest questions

Exclusive HD DVD Features:

  • The Animators' Corner: A feature-length picture-in-picture storyboard reel with a contextual branch to lost scenes
  • My Menus: Customize your menus with themes based on your favorite character, choosing from Shrek, Donkey, Fiona, Puss in Boots and Gingy
  • Web-Enabled Downloadable Features:
    - Shrek's Trivia Track: Discover hilarious trivia with pop-up facts
  • Future Web-Enabled Downloadable Features:
    - The World of Shrek: A movie guide with biographies of talent and characters from the film
    - Donkey's Digital Coloring Book: Interactive feature allows you to digitally paint your favorite scenes


'Pan's Labyrinth', 'The Host' and 'Wolf Creek' Arrives On HD DVD

Optimum Home Entertainment and Optimum Asia has announced that Pan's Labyrinth, The Host and Wolf Creek will be available to own in high-definition on HD DVD from November 19 (U.K.) at £24.99 RRP each.

The main feature on all three HD DVD titles will be presented in 1080p High Definition OAR video. If the past HD DVD releases from Optimum is any indication, audio on these HD DVD titles should be in DTS-HD formats (pending confirmation).

Optimum has provided further details on their B2C retail website, so I will not repeat those details on this blogpost. You may check them out by clicking on the following weblinks.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Toshiba (Japan) Releases v2.5 Firmware Update for HD-XA2 & HD-XF2

Toshiba (Japan) has released v2.5 firmware update for the HD-XF2 and HD-XA2 HD DVD players released in Japan.

Support for 1080p/24Hz video output on HD-XA2 is included with this firmware update. This performance enhancement is only applicable to HD-XA2.
Instructions on how to get this official firmware update for the above-mentioned HD DVD players is available on this website.


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

'Rush Hour 3' HD DVD Confirmed

New Line has recently announced the third installment of the Rush Hour film franchise to be available on HD DVD soon at $39.98 SRP each, though it will not be released day-and-date with the 2-disc DVD.

I personally suspect that Rush Hour 3 HD DVD may hit stores earlier than Hairspray HD DVD, but this is purely a speculation of mine.

Back to the official details, New Line has promised the following special features on the HD DVD:
  • Feature-length audio commentary from director Brett Ratner
  • Deleted scenes with audio commentary from director Brett Ratner
  • “Le Rush Hour Trois Production Diary" featurette
  • Gag reel
  • Theatrical trailer
  • Enhanced visual commentary
  • Interactive menus
  • Internet Connectivity Experience (HD DVD-exclusive)

Further details will be posted here as soon as they are revealed.


Monday, September 24, 2007

'I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry' On HD DVD, November 6

Universal Studios Home Entertainment has confirmed that the comedy I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, starring Adam Sandler and Kevin James, will be available to own in high-definition exclusively on a HD DVD/DVD Combo disc ($39.98 SRP) from November 6.

Full disc specifications and details here.


HD DVDs To Be Released This Tuesday, September 25

This week's HD DVD releases are a mixture of new and catalog titles from Bandai Visual, Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios and Warner Bros.

Almost all of Universal Studios' HD DVDs released this Tuesday will contain a Dolby TrueHD 5.1 lossless audio track. They are Evening, The Getaway (1994) - Unrated/Uncut version, Patch Adams. Knocked Up HD DVD will contain HD DVD-exclusive U-Control special features.

Catalog HD DVD titles from Warner includes Gods and Generals, Gothika, Wild Bunch - The Original Director's Cut and Wyatt Earp.

Next will also be on HD DVD-exclusive from Paramount... And a Dolby TrueHD lossless track will be included for that title.

On the anime front, Bandai Visual will release the second installment of the FREEDOM series exclusively on HD DVD.

Cover artwork of all the above-mentioned HD DVD titles are provided below. You may click on the cover artwork previews for further details of each HD DVD title.


Friday, September 21, 2007

Toshiba (Europe) Updates Firmware of HD-E1, HD-EP10 & HD-XE1 to v2.2

Toshiba Europe has released the v2.2 firmware update for HD-E1, HD-EP10 & HD-XE1 HD DVD players sold in the European region. Support for 1080p/24Hz video output is not provided with this update. It can be expected on the next firmware update.

Similar to the v2.2 firmware updates that was released for HD-A2, HD-A20 and HD-XA2 HD DVD players last month, this firmware update improves network connectivity for supporting the download of web-enabled network content associated with certain HD DVD discs, and also addresses certain disc playback and HDMI/DVI related issues identified by Toshiba.

Blood Diamond, 300 and Heroes: Season 1 are those HD DVD titles that will have web-enabled extras.

Important Note: Certain HD DVD discs may contain or have the capability of downloading studio-provided, web-enabled network content. To minimize any potential compatibility and/or connectivity issues, before viewing such content, it is recommended that you perform the firmware update process to ensure that your HD DVD player is using the latest firmware version.

There are currently two known ways to get this official firmware update for the above-mentioned HD DVD players:

  • If you have broadband internet service, you may obtain the firmware update over the internet using the Ethernet port on the back of your HD DVD Player. Instructions for configuring the Ethernet port and downloading the firmware update can be found in the owner’s manual for your HD DVD Player. BEFORE BEGINNING THE FIRMWARE UPDATE PROCESS, BE SURE TO REMOVE ANY DISCS FROM YOUR HD DVD PLAYER.

  • If you do not have an Ethernet-based broadband connection for your player or prefer not to use one, you may contact Toshiba Customer Service and request that a firmware update disc be sent by mail. You can update the firmware using this update disc by following the instructions provided with the disc. DO NOT UNPLUG, TURN OFF, OR USE ANY OTHER FEATURE OF YOUR PLAYER DURING THE FIRMWARE UPDATE PROCESS.

Please first refer to the document Firmware Update Information for Owners of Toshiba HD DVD Players: Models HD-E1 and HD-XE1 [PDF File, In English] for full details of the update and upgrading instructions direct from Toshiba (Europe), before attempting to upgrade the firmware.

The above PDF document is also available in French, German, Italian & Spanish.


A Bunch of HD DVD News...

Let's start with the newer ones...

  • Personal Computer World has reported that Microsoft reaffirms its commitment to HD DVD and will launch an updated HD DVD drive for the Xbox 360 in 2008. Mark Bennett, Microsoft's European business development director for HD DVD, also said "there are more plans to incorporate HD DVD into the PC platform in the future."

    You may read the full article with an update on the information being misquoted, by clicking here.

  • Microsoft’s implementation of HD DVD’s interactivity layer will be promoted on HD DVD hardware and packaging for software. Microsoft Corp. today announced that its trademarked HDi™ logo will soon appear on all Toshiba HD DVD players. In addition, Universal Studios Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Entertainment will include the HDi logo on packaging for HD DVD movie titles beginning in the fourth quarter of this year. HDi technology is Microsoft’s high-performance implementation of the interactivity layer for the HD DVD format, which has taken the movie-viewing experience to an entirely new level with such advanced features as network connectivity and community scenarios.

    Still have no idea of what exactly is HDi? Check out this website. Basically, the advanced features found on HD DVD discs, such as on-the-fly navigation menus to Picture-in-Picture video commentary and sharing of favorite scenes over the Internet (on your connected HD DVD player), are created and powered using Microsoft's HDi.

  • Shrek the Third HD DVD will be released on November 13. It is available to own at $39.98 SRP each.

    This is another HD DVD-exclusive title which will have web-enabled special features that can be accessed by simply connecting your existing HD DVD player to the Internet via the ethernet port. Web-enabled extras on this HD DVD disc includes Shrek’s Trivia Track, The World of Shrek and Donkey’s Digital Coloring Book. Besides web-enabled extras, there would also be an option to enjoy the movie with picture-in-picture access to storyboards, deleted scene pitches and technical goofs and you could also customise the look of the disc menus.

    Main feature will be presented in
    - 1080p High Definition OAR
    - Dolby Digital-Plus 5.1 (English, French & Spanish)
    - English, French, Spanish & Portuguese

    An audio commentary with the cast could also be found on the disc and the many video featurettes/documentaries on the disc will be presented in high-definition.

  • Image Entertainment has announced three concert titles to be released exclusively on HD DVD, this December 18. They are Moody Blues, The: Lovely to See You: Live (2005), Roy Orbison: Black & White Night (1987) and R. Kelly Live! The Light It Up Tour (2006). Each will have a suggested retail price of $24.99. Full details here.

  • We've updated our HD DVD Release List with all the latest announcements and release date changes.

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Three Concerts In High Definition Exclusively On HD DVD This December 18

Last year, Image Entertainment has released Barry Manilow: Manilow Live!, Chicago and Earth, Wind & Fire: Live at the Greek and Heart: Alive in Seattle exclusively on HD DVD. All three are now available to own at $24.99 (SRP) a piece.

Image Entertainment has announced three music concerts available to own in high-definition exclusively on HD DVD, from December 18. Each non-combo HD DVD disc is expected to be priced at $24.99 SRP.

Moody Blues, The: Lovely to See You: Live (2005) / 106 minutes
  • 1080i/p High Definition 1.78:1
  • Dolby TrueHD 5.1 (English)
  • Bonus materials include interviews.
  • Song List:
    1. Lovely To See You, 2. Tuesday Afternoon, 3. Lean on Me (Tonight), 4. The Actor, 5. Steppin' in a Slide Zone , 6. The Voice, 7. Talking Out of Turn, 8. I Know You're Out There Somewhere, 9. The Story In Your Eyes, 10. Forever Autumn, 11. Your Wildest Dreams, 12. Isn't Life Strange, 13. The Other Side of Life, 14. December Snow, 15. Higher and Higher, 16. Are You Sitting Comfortably?, 17. I'm Just a Singer (In a Rock & Roll Band), 18. Nights in White Satin, 19. Question, 20. Ride My See-Saw

Roy Orbison: Black & White Night (1987) / 64 minutes

  • 1080i/p High Definition 1.33:1
  • Dolby TrueHD 5.1 (English)
  • Bonus materials include
    - Musician Biographies
    - Concert Scrapbook
    - Note From Roy Kelton Orbison Jr.
  • Songs: Only the Lonely, Dream Baby, The Comedians, Ooby Dooby, Leah, Running Scared, In Dreams, Crying, Candyman, Go Go Go, Mean Woman Blues, It's Over, Oh Pretty Woman, Dream You, Blue Bayou, Claudette, Uptown, Blue Angel.

R. Kelly Live! The Light It Up Tour (2006) / 110 minutes

  • 1080i/p High Definition 1.78:1
  • Dolby TrueHD 4.1 (English)
  • Bonus materials include:
    - "Mr. Showbiz" Interivew
    - "Countdown To Showtime" Featurette
    - "The Band" Interview
    - "The Dancers" Interview
    - "The Singers" Interview
    - "Trip To The Mall" Featurette
  • Featured Songs:
    - Mr. Showbiz - Gigolo - Bump, Bump, Bump - Hotel - Wonderful - So Sexy - We Thuggin' - Used To Me - Spending - Home Alone - TP-2 - Strip For You - The Greatest Sex - The Greatest Sex Interlude - Ignition - Fiesta - Your Body's Callin' - When A Woman's Fed Up - Down Low (Nobody Has To Know) - It Seems Like You're Ready - I Wish - Snake - Thoia Thoing - Get This Money - The Zoo - Feelin' On Yo Booty - Feelin' On Yo Booty Opera - Ooh Na Na - R & B Thug - Bump & Grind - Sex Me/Hey Mr. DJ/You Remind Me/Mind Telling Me No - Sex In The Kitchen - Sex Weed - Kickin' It With Your Girlfriend - Poem - Slow Wind - Trapped In The Closet Chapters 1, 2 & 3 - Love Street - Red Carpet - Ladies' Night (Treat Her Like Heaven) - Steppin' In The Name Of Love RMX - Happy People


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Harry Potter Films In High-Definition on HD DVD (Updated Nov 8)

In North America (December 11)
  • All the Harry Potter films produced to date will be available to own in high-definition on HD DVD, starting this December 11. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will be available to own in high-definition on a HD DVD/DVD combo disc. It is expected to be priced at $35.99 SRP. The disc will contain a lossless audio option - Dolby TrueHD 5.1. Full details of the North American HD DVD release is up and can be accessed here.

  • The Harry Potter 1 - 5 Limited Edition HD DVD Giftset, also available on the same day, will be priced at $149.99 SRP. The gift set includes Harry Potter Years 1 - 5 HD DVDs, a Harry Potter DVD game Hogwarts Challenge, along with a bonus disc containing over 2 hours of enhanced content, an exclusive "Harry Potter's Bookmark Collection" and collectible trading cards. Full details of the HD DVD gift set here.

  • All the 4 earlier films in the Harry Potter film franchise will also be available as individual HD DVD releases, and each is expected to be priced at $29.99 SRP. For a limited time only, the HD DVD version will contain a set of four trading cards specific to the title purchased. Full details of:

    - Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone HD DVD
    - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets HD DVD
    - Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban HD DVD
    - Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire HD DVD

In Australia (December 5)
  • The first four films of the Harry Potter series will be available on HD DVD, come December 5.
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix HD DVD will be released on the same day.
In Germany (November 16)
  • All the first four films of the Harry Potter series will be available on HD DVD, this November 16.
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will be available to own on HD DVD, starting November 16.
  • The specs for the first four films are available via this webpage (from areadvd.de). Based on similar information provided by other sources, it seems that none of the high-definition releases will have lossless or uncompressed audio tracks. Audio options on HD DVD will be in Dolby Digital-Plus 5.1 or 5.1 EX.
  • Amazon.de exclusive Harry Potter 1 - 5 HD DVD Box Set will also be available, starting November 16.

In Japan (November 21)

  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will available in high-definition on a 2-disc HD DVD set. The 2nd disc will hold the other special features ported over from the DVD release including focus points featurettes and other documentaries/featurettes. (We're told to expect that all the special features on the 2nd disc will be presented in high-definition, pending further confirmation.) Full details here.
  • In addition, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire HD DVD will also be released on the same day.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Further Details of 'Order of the Phoenix' HD DVD Revealed...

Warner Home Video has finally announced Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on HD DVD, this December 11. It will be a HD DVD/DVD Combo release and probably for the second time, Warner has finally priced it at the same level as competing formats, at $35.99 SRP.

It appears that Warner Home Video is beginning to price new high-definition titles with the same suggested retail price at $35.99, regardless of whether it is on both HD DVD/DVD Combo (originally $39.99 SRP) or Blu-ray Disc (originally $34.99 SRP). This trend seem to have begun with Ocean's Thirteen. I personally applaud this move by Warner...

Back to Harry Potter, special features found on the Order of the Phoenix HD DVD/DVD Combo includes:
  • Additional Scenes: 17 minutes of never-before-seen footage.
  • Trailing Tonks - Spend a day with Actress Nat Tena and receive a very personal and often wacky tour of the Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix stages.
  • Harry Potter: The Magic of Editing - Director David Yates and Editor Mark Day show what a difference a good edit makes to allow the viewers to edit a scene.
  • HD DVD Exclusive Bonus Features (Not found anywhere else):
    - In-Movie Experience! - Join the cast from Dumbledore's Army as they come together to share memorable moments, while you watch the movie. The feature can be turned on/off.
  • Web-Enabled Features Only on HD DVD (Not found anywhere else):
    - Pick Your Favorite Scene: Assemble favorite clips from the movie to create a montage.
    - Live Community Screening: Viewers can create, organize, and invite their buddies to their very own screening.
    - Mobile Downloads: Viewers can scan and select cool images and ringtones to send to their mobile phones.

What is a HD DVD/DVD Combo Disc?

The HD DVD/DVD Combo disc contains the high-definition version of the film on one side and the standard definition version of the same film on the other. The DVD side of this double-sided disc can be played back on almost every DVD or HD DVD player (with the DVD-Video logo) on Earth while the HD DVD side has to be played back on a HD DVD player with the HD DVD logo shown below. In other words, you can enjoy the film practically anywhere with a DVD or HD DVD player.


Monday, September 17, 2007

'The Aviator' & 'That's Entertainment: The Complete Collection' HD DVDs Confirmed

Warner Home Video has confirmed our earlier speculation that The Aviator and That’s Entertainment: The Complete Collection will be released on HD DVD soon.

The Aviator HD DVD ($28.99 SRP) will be released on November 6 while That’s Entertainment: The Complete Collection 3-Disc HD DVD ($79.98 SRP) will be released a month later, on December 18.

The main feature on The Aviator HD DVD will be presented in 1080p High Definition 16x9 2.35:1 video with Dolby Digital-Plus 5.1 audio tracks. Supplemental materials on the disc includes:
  • Commentary from director Martin Scorsese
  • Additional deleted scene
  • History Channel documentary
  • Still gallery
  • Theatrical trailer (Presented in HD)

On the other hand, the main feature on That's Entertainment: The Complete Collection HD DVDs will be presented with full HD 1080p masters and Dolby TrueHD audio. The 3-disc HD DVD set also includes more than five hours of exciting extras and rarities including three great documentaries, premiere night coverage and salutes to the great behind-the-camera talents, TV specials, making-of featurettes, plus an extensive video jukebox of rare, star-packed musical outtakes from classic films, and more!


HD DVDs To Be Released This Tuesday, September 18

The bulk of this week's HD DVD releases comes from Warner Bros. and Universal Studios.

Starting this month, all HD DVD titles from Universal Studios, such as Elizabeth ($29.98 SRP), For the Love of the Game ($29.98 SRP) and The Last Starfighter ($29.98 SRP), would include a lossless audio track - Dolby TrueHD.

Among this week's HD DVD titles from Warner, those that contain a lossless audio track (Dolby TrueHD 5.1) include Jailhouse Rock ($28.99 SRP), Troy Director's Cut ($34.99 SRP), Viva Las Vegas ($28.99 SRP) and We Are Marshall (Combo disc / $39.99 SRP).

Also from Warner Bros, Alexander Revisited: The Final Cut (2 Discs / $28.99 SRP), Smallville: The Complete Season Six (5 discs / $79.98 SRP), Deliverance ($28.99 SRP) and The Best of HD DVD Collection Volume 1 - 3 (4 movies in one volume / $84.99 SRP per volume). Volume 1 of the collection contains Lethal Weapon, The Road Warrior, Swordfish and Training Day HD DVDs. Vol. 2 contains The Fugitive, The Last Samurai, The Phantom of the Opera & Unforgiven HD DVDs. Vol. 3 contains Blazing Saddles, The Departed, Goodfellas & Superman: The Movie HD DVDs.

Cover artwork of all titles from Warner Bros. & Universal Studios are provided below. You may click on the cover artwork previews for further details of each HD DVD title.


'Motörhead - Stage Fright' On HD DVD In North America

We've been informed that Motörhead - Stage Fright will be available to own in high-definition exclusively on HD DVD, this October 23 (for North America). The disc is expected to be priced at $29.97 SRP.

Detailed Main Feature Presentation specs:
  • 1080p High Definition 16x9 1.78:1
  • DTS-HD High Resolution 5.1
  • No subtitles.

Detailed Bonus Material Presentation specs:

  • NTSC 480i 4x3 1.85:1
  • DTS HD Master Audio 2.0 & Dolby Digital Stereo
  • English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Swedish subtitle options.

HD DVD Special Features:

  • Advanced content HD DVD (HDi)
  • Online functionality (download of new content via Internet)
  • "On the fly" menus during playback
  • Picture-in-picture video commentary with the band
  • Snapshot feature
  • "Create setlist" feature
  • Extensive bonus material including those from the 2-disc DVD

Screenshots of the various HD DVD-exclusive features found on the disc are available for viewing on this page.


Friday, September 14, 2007

'The Jimi Hendrix Experience: Live At Monterey (The Definitive Edition)' On HD DVD

Universal Music has indicated that we can expect The Jimi Hendrix Experience: Live At Monterey (The Definitive Edition) released on single-disc HD DVD in the United Kingdom, this November 26, instead of a day-and-date with the single-disc DVD on October 29.

This special edition DVD/HD DVD features all of the existing film footage from Jimi’s incendiary June 18, 1967 concert newly transferred to high-definition specification from the original 16mm camera reversal original. Re-edited and presented in its original performance sequence, this DVD/HD DVD showcase of a legendary performance is completely unreleased. The DVD soundtrack, also available on CD and Vinyl, features a new 5.1 surround and 2.0 stereo mixes by Eddie Kramer, Jimi’s original engineer.

In addition to the legendary Monterey performance, this Definitive Edition DVD/HD DVD features a multitude of special bonus features including:
    A brand new documentary which traces Jimi’s remarkable transformation from obscurity to his triumphant U.S. ‘debut’ at the Monterey Festival.

    A unique feature that allows viewers to switch between multiple, previously unseen camera angles to view several of Jimi’s celebrated performances like never before.

    This is a behind the scenes glimpse of the festival’s origins, operations and lasting impact brought to you by legendary composer, producer and Monterey Festival co-founder Lou Adler.

    As an extra special bonus to the DVD, watch the earliest known film and sound recordings of The Jimi Hendrix Experience in concert from February 25, 1967 before a packed audience in Chelmsford, England. Songs featured are “Stone Free” and “Like A Rolling Stone.”

Do stay tuned as this blog will be updated when we have further infomation of this HD DVD title.

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

DVD Forum Approves Physical Specifications of Triple-Layer HD DVD-ROM (51G)

Last week, Screen Digest had reported that DVD Forum has approved a 51 GB single-sided triple-layer HD DVD disc for production. Extension to the HD DVD standard, which was submitted by Toshiba in April, received approval on 31 August 2007.

Yesterday, the DVD Forum had their Steering Committee Meeting and the list of decisions that were always made public after the meeting had indicated that indeed, physical specs of HD DVD-ROM (51G) or 51GB HD DVD-ROM had been approved by the DVD Forum.

Right now, we are waiting for more specific details from Toshiba and Memory-Tech about the 51GB disc before we can comment further... about the 51GB HD DVD discs.

If you've followed this blog since our first post (our blog is pretty much a diary of HD DVD Format since January 2006), we've pretty much covered some history of the triple-layer disc.

Here's A Little Background on HD DVD's Triple-Layer Disc... From 45GB to 51GB

First reports of a triple-layer disc being included in HD DVD Format specifications began in May 2005, when Toshiba announced the development of a triple-layer HD DVD-ROM (read-only) disc with a data capacity of 45 gigabytes, 50% more than the 30-gigabyte dual-layer HD DVD-ROM disc already announced and enough to record twelve hours of high-definition movies on a single disc. Since then, some of the brochures promoting HD DVD Format had the 45GB Triple-Layer disc being indicated as "To be ratified by DVD Forum".

Fast forward to January 2007, at the CES 2007, Toshiba Corporation underlined the versatility and high capacity of the HD DVD format with the announcement that the company has developed a triple-layer HD DVD-ROM (read only) disc with a capacity of 51 gigabytes. Adding that it aims to secure approval of the new disc by the DVD Forum within this year, and has confirmed the disc structure and its successful operation. They have secured the approval for the physical specifications this year, as per DVD Forum Steering Committee Meeting on September 12.


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

'Hairspray' Forthcoming On HD DVD Plus Early Details...

New Line Home Entertainment has officially announced that they will release Hairspray on HD DVD soon, although it will not be day-and-date with the DVD release on November 20.

Bonus materials on the single-disc HD DVD release ($39.98 SRP) include:
  • “Behind the Beat” picture-in-picture option allowing viewers to watch behind-the-scenes footage and on-screen commentary concurrently with the running feature
  • Interactive “connectivity” experience with web-enhanced features (HD DVD-Exclusive)
  • All new musical number, “I Can Wait”
  • Feature-length audio commentary from director and choreographer Adam Shankman, star Nikki Blonsky and producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron
  • Deleted scenes with audio commentary from director and choreographer Adam Shankman and star Nikki Blonsky
  • “You Can’t Stop the Beat: The Long Journey of Hairspray” documentary
  • “Step By Step: The Dances of Hairspray” featurette offering how-to dance instruction
  • “Hairspray Extensions” featurette, giving viewers dance breakdowns
  • Jump to a song with optional sing-along feature
  • “The Roots of Hairspray” featurette
  • Theatrical trailer
About the HD DVD-exclusive web-enhanced features... If the web-enabled features on Heroes: Season One or Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix HD DVDs are any indication, we may just see something exciting from New Line...

Further details will be revealed here when we've more...


Sunday, September 09, 2007

'China High Definition DVD' (CH-DVD) Introduced In China

The Optical Memory National Engineering Research Center (OMNERC), a laboratory dedicated to optical disc research in Tsinghua University, today announced CH-DVD (China High Definition DVD)(a), a new generation high definition DVD format developed in collaboration with research institutes and manufacturing enterprises at home and abroad. The physical format of CH-DVD includes Chinese-owned intellectual property, and is based on HD DVD, the next generation high definition DVD approved by the DVD Forum. The realization of CH-DVD was supported by the Chinese government, and will pave the way for the localization of blue-laser, high-definition DVD in China.

On Sept. 7, 2007, OMNERC established CHDA -- the China High Definition DVD Industry Association -- in cooperation with the DVD Forum and Chinese and international partners. CHDA will play a leadership role in the promotion of CH-DVD, and will make a big push to launch CH-DVD player into the Chinese market in 2008.

According to the article from Stor-age.com (ZDNet China), it is reported that the physical specifications portion of the CH-DVD will be very similar to DVD Forum-specified HD DVD. For instance, the same laser wavelenth and the same disc configurations (15GB Single-Layer; 30GB Dual-Layer, for a single-sided disc). The main differences are in the bits and bytes. The Audio Video Standard (AVS) codec will also be required to be present in the CH-DVD players, in addition to video codecs VC-1, MPEG-4 AVC and MPEG-2, and audio codecs from Dolby Labs and DTS Inc.

There are also plans to make CH-DVD players compatible with the Enhanced Versatile Disc (EVD) and High-Definition Versatile Disc (HVD) formats, when they are first introduced to the Chinese market in March 2008.

It has also been mentioned in the same article that CH-DVD replication facilities are already in operation in China.



Integra Introduces its First HD DVD Player

Integra Introduces its First HD DVD Player

Integra announced the introduction of the DHS-8.8, the company's first HD DVD player, at the 2007 CEDIA Expo. This player has been designed specifically to meet the needs of the custom installer, and to fully exploit the potential of high-definition HD DVD content. It is among the first HD DVD players to enable transfer of high-bit-rate audio content via HDMI version 1.3a.

The Integra DHS-8.8 HD-DVD player also features the capability to support playback at different frame rates, including 24 frames per second, which is the native frame rate of the original sources for most HD content. This ensures that the user will be able to experience the playback of films recorded to HD DVD with the smoothest, most stable reproduction possible.

The DHS-8.8 features onboard HQV Reon VX video processing, currently recognized as the leading video processing technology in the home theater industry. This allows the player to provide precise video scaling to 720p, 1080i or 1080p output from both HD-DVD and standard definition DVD sources, delivering video at the native resolution of the video display device and stantially reducing video noise and distortion. For component video output, the player incorporates an Analog Devices 297 MHz/12-bit NSV video DAC that support 4x oversampling for outstanding reproduction with analog-based displays.

The DHS-8.8 features Wolfson and Burr-Brown 192 kHz/24-bit audio DACs for conversion of audio sources for analog output via the 2-channel or 5.1-channel analog outputs. It also includes a bi-directional RS-232 port for integration with home automation and control systems. Finally, the player includes a rear-panel Ethernet port to make use of the web-based connectivity allowed for in the HD-DVD standard, including access to additional content from movie studios. This feature also provides installers and users with the ability to easily download any future firmware updates.

The DHS-8.8 will carry a suggested retail price of $1099, and will be available in the fourth quarter of 2007.


Thursday, September 06, 2007

New CEDIA Announcements From HD DVD Promotional Group

Toshiba and CBS Announce 'Star Trek: The Original Series' HD DVD Promotion

"Star Trek: The Original Series,"Season 1 exclusively on HD DVD. Available on November 20th at retailers nationwide, this boxed 10-disc set offers "Star Trek" fans the opportunity to not only experience "Star Trek: The Original Series" in full high definition for the first time, but will also allow viewing of the same discs in standard DVD players. "Star Trek" Combo HD DVDs feature HD DVD on one side of the disc and standard DVD on the other.

To support this historic launch, Toshiba has teamed up with CBS Home Entertainment, with plans to offer purchasers of the boxed set and any Toshiba HD DVD player an exclusive, limited edition "Star Trek" Phaser remote control that will operate Toshiba's HD DVD players. This promotion is planned to coincide with the launch of the "Star Trek" HD DVD boxed set.


Toshiba Delivers Its Third Generation HD DVD Players Taking the High Def Movie Experience to a Broader Consumer Base

Toshiba Third Generation HD DVD Players - Toshiba's third generation family starts with the entry level HD-A3 player featuring 1080i output capability. The other two new models, Toshiba's HD-A30 and HD-A35, will output 1080p resolution (1920 x 1080p), the highest HD signal currently available. Both models are capable of outputting signals at 1080p/24 frames per second so consumers can enjoy movies in their native frame rate. The HD-A30 and HD-A35 models also feature "CE-Link" (HDMI(TM)-CEC), allowing two-way control between the HDDVD player and a TV through an HDMI connection.

In addition, in order to allow consumers to enjoy the HD DVD experience right out of the box, Toshiba is offering consumers free movies with the purchase of their third generation players. With Toshiba's new bundle promotion, consumers will take home the highly acclaimed HD DVDs 300 from Warner Home Video and The Bourne Identity from Universal Studios Home Entertainment.

In addition to its bundle promotion, Toshiba announced "The Perfect HD Offer," which will begin on October 1st 2007 and continue until February28th 2008. As a result, with the purchase of any Toshiba HD DVD player, consumers will be able to select five HD DVD titles for free, from a selection of 15, via a mail-in offer. Full offer details will be available at http://www.toshibahddvd.com/.



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Full Details of 'Transformers' In High-Definition Exclusively On HD DVD

$650+ Million Smash Hit from DreamWorks Pictures and Paramount Pictures Rolls out on DVD and HD DVD October 16 in Two-Disc Sets Bursting with a Universe of Bonus Features to Immerse Fans of All Ages in the World of the Legendary ROBOTS IN DISGUISE

The armies of CYBERTRON invaded theaters with a juggernaut fury that shook the summer of 2007, but on October 16, 2007 fans of all ages will discover that there is far "More Than Meets The Eye" to the massive mechanical behemoths when TRANSFORMERS arrives on Earth in spectacular DVD and HD DVD two-disc Special Edition sets as well as on a single disc from DreamWorks Pictures and Paramount Pictures; distributed by Paramount Home Entertainment.

Out-Of-This World High-Def Content:

In addition to superior picture and sound and all of the above bonus material presented in high definition, the HD DVD presentation provides consumers with a host of web-enabled features, which are accessible through all connected HD DVD players. The web-enabled features take advantage of technology that allows the studio to present the content in a new way. These cutting-edge, online features can be updated, providing consumers with an evolving entertainment experience months, or even years, after the disc is physically produced. Initial features include a TRANSFORMERS Intelligence Mode in which an on-screen dashboard over the film provides information about the robots and weapons, their strength levels, character updates and more. Plus, a GPS Locator that can access a map and GPS coordinates. Paramount's TRANSFORMERS HD DVD connectivity capabilities will reveal additional HD DVD exclusive features at street date and at various time periods in the future.

The HD DVD also includes a TRANSFORMERS H.U.D. (Heads Up Display) that lets viewers access running text commentary while watching the film and even view relevant behind-the-scenes footage in a picture-in-picture window. Additionally, viewers can explore the main robots' individual details in high definition with the TRANSFORMERS Tech Inspector.


The HD DVD is presented in 1080p High Definition with English, French and Spanish 5.1 Dolby Digital Plus and English, English SDH+, French, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese subtitles. The TRANSFORMERS HD DVD will contain the supplemental materials found on the DVD plus HD DVD-exclusive features. Please note that this may not be the exhaustive list.

Disc 1 (Main Feature Disc):
  • Commentary by Michael Bay

  • TRANSFORMERS H.U.D. (Heads Up Display) - In this mode, viewers can access running text-based behind-the-scenes background information on the production during the feature. Users can also watch relevant picture-in-picture b-roll and video with Bay, Spielberg and other filmmakers during select sequences.

  • Transformers Intelligence Mode web-enabled features consist of:
    - Transformation Mode
    - Health Meter
    - Weapon Mode
    - Robot Bio
    - In Scene Indicator
    - Text Ticker
    - GPS

Disc 2 (Supplemental Materials):

  • TRANSFORMERS Tech Inspector - Gives viewers an unprecedented look at the TRANSFORMERS robots through the exquisitely detailed models created by ILM artists. Users can zoom in on each detail for a closer examination and pause and change the rotation of the models.

  • Our World (HD)
    - The Story Sparks - Steven Spielberg discusses his love for the franchise and early concept art for the film. Explores how the writers adapted the cartoon into a live-action movie and why Michael Bay is the perfect director for the film.
    - Human Allies - A look at how the actors were selected and their experiences on the set.
    - I Fight Giant Robots - An exploration of the military training that Josh Duhamel and Tyrese Gibson underwent for their roles and the various stunts that the actors were asked to perform.
    - Battleground - A piece on the senior officials from the Department of Defense and Air Force who consulted on the film to give it authenticity and the key locations that the U.S. government provided access to.

  • Their War (HD)
    - Rise of the Robots - Explores the interaction between Hasbro designers and Michael Bay to bring the toy line roaring to life
    - AUTOBOTS Roll Out - Michael Bay discusses working with Chevy and its designers and the modifications that were made to the cars seen in the film.
    - DECEPTICONS Strike - The film's military advisors discuss the "toys" they allowed the production to borrow: F-22 Raptors, Ospreys and A-10 Warthogs.
    - Inside the AllSpark - ILM's digital artists discuss the challenges of bringing the TRANSFORMERS to life.
  • More Than Meets The Eye (HD)
    - From Script to Sand: The SKORPONOK Desert Attack - An in-depth look at the making of this particularly epic and challenging scene from initial storyboarding through production and visual effects.
    - Concepts - Early sketch concepts of the robots.
    - Teasers, TV Spots & Trailers

  • Iron Man Trailer (HD)

Bonus features highlighted with orange-colored fonts are HD DVD-exclusive (not found on the DVD). All video featurettes, documentaries and trailers are presented in high-definition.


'Transformers' In High-Definition Only On HD DVD

Paramount/DreamWorks Home Entertainment has previously indicated that Transformers (2007) will be available to own, in high-definition, only on HD DVD. The HD DVD will be released in various parts of the world before the year is out.

Stay tuned as this blogpost will be updated with information on worldwide HD DVD releases of Transformers (2007).

Release Dates:

  • Australia - November 1
  • Germany - December 10
  • Japan - December 19
  • Netherlands - December 13
  • North America - October 16
  • United Kingdom - December 3
In Australia:

Australia's online home video retailer EzyDVD has provided some early details of what to expect on the Transformers (2007) 2-Disc DVD. The HD DVD version will also be released in Australia the same day as the 2-Disc DVD, on November 1.

Bonus materials found on the 2-disc DVD are expected to be available on the HD DVD version. They include, but may not be limited to,
  • Audio Commentary by Director Michael Bay
  • 4 Featurettes
  • 2 In-Depth Making of Documentaries
  • Interactive Content
  • Easter Eggs


In North America:

  • Refer to this webpage for full details.



Tuesday, September 04, 2007

'That's Entertainment: Complete Collection' and 'Aviator' On HD DVD Soon

We've added That's Entertainment - The Complete Collection and The Aviator (2004) to our Coming Soon list. A number of sources and reader inputs have indicated that these titles that will be available on HD DVD soon (most probably before the year is out.)

An announcement could be expected from Warner Home Video soon...


Toshiba To Launch Next Generation HD DVD Players in Europe

Toshiba has announced at IFA 2007 today that they will be launching HD-EP30 and HD-EP35 HD DVD players in Europe.

You may want to check out Toshiba's newly revamped European HD DVD website for more details of these HD DVD players.

Click here if you want to have a look at the back view of the players. (Click on the players instead of the model numbers.)

HD-EP30 & HD-EP35 Specifications are as follows. The differences between HD-EP30 and HD-EP35 are highlighted with blue fonts. Please note that these specs may still be subject to changes.

  • HD DVD-Video
  • DVD-Video
  • DVD-R
  • DVD-RW
  • DVD+R
  • DVD+RW
  • DVD VR Format (DVD-R/RW)
  • CD Audio
  • CD-R
  • CD-RW
  • NTSC Playback (DVD) supported.
  • Codecs:
    - MPEG2
    - MPEG4 AVC (H.264)
    - VC1
  • HD/SD output resolutions:
    - 1080p/60Hz, 24Hz (via HDMI)
    - 1080i
    - 720p
    - 576p
  • DVD:
    - PAL
    - NTSC
  • SD upscale to HD resolution (via HDMI):
    - Up to 1080p
    - 720p and 1080i supported
  • 148MHz/12 bit Video DAC (analogue) outputs
  • Deep Colour Function (HDMI output)


  • Codecs:
    - Dolby Digital (up to 5.1ch)
    - Dolby Digital Plus (up to 5.1ch)
    - Dolby True HD (up to 5.1ch)
    - dts (up to 5.1ch)
    - dts-HD (core only, up to 5.1ch)
    - MPEG audio
    - PCM (up to 5.1ch)
  • 7.1 Digital Bitstream (DTS-HD, Dolby TrueHD & Dolby Digital-Plus) output. Feature is present only on HD-EP35 (with HDMI v1.3)


  • Video outputs:
    - Composite video
    - Component video
  • Audio outputs:
    - Analogue 2ch (HD-EP35 and HD-EP30)
    - Analogue 5.1ch (HD-EP35 only)
    - Digital optical audio output
  • HDMI v1.3 - Supports Deep Colour Function & 7.1-ch High Bitrate Audio (Digital Bitstream) output (HD-EP35 only)
  • HDMI v1.2a (HD-EP30 only)
  • Ethernet port (RJ-45)
  • 1 x Extension terminal
  • CEC Funtionality (REGZA-Link): The HD-EP30 and HD-EP35 models also feature "CE-Link" (HDMI-CEC), allowing two-way control between the HD DVD player and a TV through an HDMI connection. The "CE-Link" connectivity offers the capability to communicate with and control another CE device in a whole new way. For instance, using "CE-Link" with "One Touch Play" consumers will be able to turn on a CEC capable HDTV and a Toshiba HD DVD player, and start playing a movie, with a single touch of a button on the player remote.


Monday, September 03, 2007

Full Details of 'Star Trek: The Original Series' Season One Remastered On HD DVD (Updated Sept 4)

CBS Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Entertainment invite you to experience STAR TREK: The Original Series as never before when the legendary first season arrives for the first time ever in a 10-disc HD DVD/DVD combo disc set. Meticulously remastered from the original camera negative specifically for this high-definition release, each classic episode is presented in pristine condition with state-of-the-art digital visual effects.

The refurbished episodes also feature higher quality sound for the famous opening theme. The original score by Emmy® Award-winning composer Alexander Courage has been re-recorded in state-of-the-art digital stereo audio with an orchestra and a female singer belting out the famous vocals. A digitally remastered version of William Shatner's classic original recording of the 38-word "Space, the final frontier…” monologue continues to open each episode.

Release Dates:
  • Australia - December 6
  • France - 2008
  • Germany - November 29
  • Japan - Early 2008
  • North America - November 20
  • United Kingdom - November 19


Details of the North American HD DVD/DVD Combo Release:

STAR TREK: The Original Series is a 10-disc collection presented in the original aspect ratio (1.33:1) screen. The standard definition presentation includes Dolby Digital English 5.1 Surround, LAS Mono and French Mono as well as English, LAS and French subtitles. The HD DVD presentation features English Dolby True HD and LAS Mono with English and LAS subtitles. The Original Series HD DVD/DVD set will be available to own starting November 20, 2007 for the suggested retail price of $217.99.

You may want to scroll down to view the list of bonus features found on both the HD DVD and DVD sides of the discs.


Details of the Australian HD DVD/DVD Combo Release:

Similar to the North American HD DVD/DVD Combo release. It will be released on December 6.
You may want to scroll down to view the list of bonus features found on both the HD DVD and DVD sides of the discs.


Details of the German HD DVD/DVD Combo Release:
Similar to the North American HD DVD/DVD Combo release. Except for the following aspects...
  • Danish, German, English, English [SDH], Finnish, French, Greek, Dutch, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish, Spanish, Czech, Turkish and Hungarian subtitle options are provided.
  • Audio options for the main feature on the DVD side includes Dolby Digital 5.1 (English) & Dolby Digital Mono (German, French, Italian & Spanish).
  • Audio options for the main feature on the HD DVD side includes Dolby TrueHD 5.1 (English) & Dolby Digital Mono (German).


Details of the Japanese HD DVD/DVD Combo Release:
Similar to the North American HD DVD/DVD Combo release. Except for the following aspects...

  • Audio options for the main feature on the HD DVD side includes Dolby TrueHD 5.1 (English) & Dolby Digital Mono (Japanese).
  • English, Japanese and Japanese (voice-over) subtitle options are provided.


Bonus features on the HD DVD side (Applicable to all HD DVD releases) are as follows:

  • Starfleet Access – On-screen graphical interface allows viewers to access Picture in Picture video commentaries, comparisons of re-mastered vs. original effects, encyclopedic information (science, life forms, technology), episode trivia and more on the following episodes:
    - Where No Man Has Gone Before
    - The Menagerie, Part 1
    - The Menagerie, Part 2
    - Balance of Terror
    - The Galileo Seven
    - Space Seed
    - Errand of Mercy
  • Spacelift: Transporting Trek into the 21st Century
    - From new visual effects to sound, this documentary provides an in-depth exploration of the remastering of classic Star Trek episodes.
  • Billy Blackburn's Treasure Chest: Rare Home Movies and Special Memories
    - Join crew member and "extra-extraordinaire” Billy Blackburn as he shares his own behind-the-scenes home movie footage of life on the set of Star Trek.
  • Interactive Enterprise Tour
    - Viewers will explore the Enterprise interior and exterior in detail as they pilot their own shuttlecraft in this spectacular 3D simulated feature.
  • Perpetual Entertainment's "Star Trek Online” MMO Game Preview

Bonus features on the standard DVD side are as follows:

  • Spacelift: Transporting Trek into the 21st Century
  • The Birth of a Timeless Legacy
  • Reflections on Spock
  • Life Beyond Trek: William Shatner
  • To Boldly Go…Season One
  • Sci-Fi Visionaries
  • Billy Blackburn's Treasure Chest: Rare Home Movies and Special Memories
  • Kiss & Tell: Romance in the 24th Century
  • Trek Connections
  • Star Trek: Beyond the Final Frontier
  • Episode Preview Trailers
  • Perpetual Entertainment's "Star Trek Online” MMO Game Preview

StarTrek.com has all the finalised details of Star Trek: The Original Series Season One Remastered HD DVD/DVD Combo release. The official video trailer for this HD DVD can be viewed via this link.


Sunday, September 02, 2007

HD DVDs Released Next Tuesday, September 4

Nip/Tuck Season 4 HD DVD will be released next Tuesday. Highlights of this release would be the unaired scenes that are presented in 1080i High Definition.


Saturday, September 01, 2007

HD DVD Titles Announced at the IFA 2007

A number of significant HD DVD titles were announced at the IFA 2007. Most of those announced will feature dynamicHD technology. They are expected to be released in Germany soon.

The new dynamicHD technology from Imagion AG, allows settop-players connected to the internet to update, unlock and download content hosted on special servers.

Those HD DVD titles, all featuring dynamicHD technology, includes
  • Crank (Q4/2007)
  • CSI – Crime Scene Investigation HD DVD Boxset (3 disc set edition) (Q1/2008)
  • Hannibal Rising (Q4/2007)
  • Neues vom Wixxer (Q4/2007)
  • Pan's Labyrinth (Q4/2007)
  • Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof (Q4/2007)
  • Herbert Grönemeyer – 12 live (Q4/2007)
  • Motörhead – Stage Fright (07/2007)
  • SAW 1 (Q1/2008)
  • SAW 2 (Q1/2008)
  • SAW 3 (Q1/2008)
  • Terminator 2 Ultimate HD DVD (2007/2008)

Terminator 2 Ultimate HD DVD is an example of how HDi interactivity and dynamicHD technology are both used to enhance the overall home entertainment experience. The video trailer of the upcoming HD DVD release is available via this link. The video trailer was recorded and uploaded by David Mackenzie, a hardware reviewer at DVD Times.co.uk

As presented at the official HD DVD Promotion Group’s press conference at IFA, this title will have a breathtaking set of innovative features on HD DVD.

Among them a “script-to-scene”-feature showing script, storyboard and the movie directly connected on the screen. Users can scroll through the script with the storyboard and the main feature automatically synched to it. T2 will also include a “goofs-mode” where the film can be viewed with all the goofs made visible through text-information, zooming in and special symbols.

Apart from these two groundbreaking features, the disc will feature much more bonus content making this HD DVD one of the “must-haves”. The dynamicHD interface will provide access to even more downloadable content, including up-to-date trailers from Kinowelt, and to the Terminator 2 Ultimate HD DVD online community.

Of course, as soon as we've more specific information about these HD DVD titles, we'll post them up here on this blog. So stay tuned.

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An Update On Upcoming HD DVD Players from Onkyo & Venturer Electronics

Last week, we've mentioned that Onkyo intends to launch its flagship HD DVD player DV-HD805 in Germany/Austria, this October 2007 at 999 euros. The HD DVD promotional group has confirmed this and had revealed a bit more details about this flagship player from Onkyo. Our earlier blog entry regarding this HD DVD player has been updated with the latest information and it can be accessed via this link.

It is also expected that Venturer Electronics' entry-level HD DVD player will also be available for sale in Europe in the fourth quarter of 2007. It will have a price tag of at most 299 euros. Again, the earlier blogpost in which we first blogged about this story, has been updated with the latest information provided by the HD DVD promo group at the IFA.