Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Further Details of 'Order of the Phoenix' HD DVD Revealed...

Warner Home Video has finally announced Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on HD DVD, this December 11. It will be a HD DVD/DVD Combo release and probably for the second time, Warner has finally priced it at the same level as competing formats, at $35.99 SRP.

It appears that Warner Home Video is beginning to price new high-definition titles with the same suggested retail price at $35.99, regardless of whether it is on both HD DVD/DVD Combo (originally $39.99 SRP) or Blu-ray Disc (originally $34.99 SRP). This trend seem to have begun with Ocean's Thirteen. I personally applaud this move by Warner...

Back to Harry Potter, special features found on the Order of the Phoenix HD DVD/DVD Combo includes:
  • Additional Scenes: 17 minutes of never-before-seen footage.
  • Trailing Tonks - Spend a day with Actress Nat Tena and receive a very personal and often wacky tour of the Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix stages.
  • Harry Potter: The Magic of Editing - Director David Yates and Editor Mark Day show what a difference a good edit makes to allow the viewers to edit a scene.
  • HD DVD Exclusive Bonus Features (Not found anywhere else):
    - In-Movie Experience! - Join the cast from Dumbledore's Army as they come together to share memorable moments, while you watch the movie. The feature can be turned on/off.
  • Web-Enabled Features Only on HD DVD (Not found anywhere else):
    - Pick Your Favorite Scene: Assemble favorite clips from the movie to create a montage.
    - Live Community Screening: Viewers can create, organize, and invite their buddies to their very own screening.
    - Mobile Downloads: Viewers can scan and select cool images and ringtones to send to their mobile phones.

What is a HD DVD/DVD Combo Disc?

The HD DVD/DVD Combo disc contains the high-definition version of the film on one side and the standard definition version of the same film on the other. The DVD side of this double-sided disc can be played back on almost every DVD or HD DVD player (with the DVD-Video logo) on Earth while the HD DVD side has to be played back on a HD DVD player with the HD DVD logo shown below. In other words, you can enjoy the film practically anywhere with a DVD or HD DVD player.



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