Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Paramount's & Universal Studios' Last HD DVD Releases...

Following the announcement by Toshiba, the company largely behind HD DVD format's creation, to stop all HD DVD production by April 2008, Paramount Home Entertainment and Universal Studios' Home Entertainment have now confirmed their final HD DVD releases.

Paramount/DreamWorks Home Entertainment's HD DVD support will end with the release of Into the Wild and Things We Lost in the Fire HD DVDs on March 4 while Universal Studios Home Entertainment's HD DVD support will end with the release of Atonement HD DVD on March 18.

Warner Home Video has continued to announce HD DVD releases but will stop releasing its films on HD DVD after May 2008.

Internationally, Kinowelt Home Entertainment will end its support of HD DVD with the HD DVD release of Terminator II and Premonition on March 20.

On a side note, both me and my co-blogger would like to take this opportunity to thank all the studios worldwide who have continued to release on HD DVD over the past 2 years so that we can enjoy those films in high-definition at the comfort of our homes. Not forgetting all the improved interactivity like Universal's U-Control, Paramount's Transformers' Heads-Up Display and Imagion's DynamicHD online experience found on Kinowelt's HD DVDs too... that the respective studios have taken the time and money to create and put on the discs.



At 1:50 AM, Blogger Alex said...

I'd like to thank you guys for making this site. It's been fun coming on here and find out the latest with HD DVD releases.


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