Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Venturer Electronics Introduce Entry-Level HD DVD Player

Venturer Electronics today announced the launch of its first HD DVD player for the North American market, in time for 2007 Holiday sales.

The SHD7000 will be distributed in North America by Venturer Electronics of Markham, Ontario, and sold through national retailers with retail prices expected to be one of the lowest among entry-level HD DVD players.

Currently the specs stands as follows, though we expect further details to be revealed later:
  • 720p/1080i video output for both HD DVD and upconverted DVD-Video content
  • HDMI output (v1.2a)
  • Analog 2-Channel (Down-mix) Audio output and Digital Optical output.
  • Component video, Composite video and S-Video terminals
  • Ethernet port
  • CD Playback

It has been specifically mentioned that the HD DVD player will conform to the HD DVD player requirements set out by the DVD Forum. That is to say, the player should also be able to decode DTS, Dolby Digital-Plus, Dolby Digital and Dolby TrueHD (at least 2-channels).

Source: Venturer HD DVD Player to Ship in Time for 2007 Holiday Sales (August 28)

Stay tuned for further confirmations and specifics...



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