Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Quick Update (Updated August 27)

  • Want to know why the movie 300 is better enjoyed at home when you get it on HD DVD? Check out the official promo site for 300 HD DVD/DVD Combo.
  • Cat People HD DVD seems to have been pulled from the Universal Studios' September 25 release slate. A check with some retailers and distributors have indicated this.
  • Motörhead's "Stage Fright" - World's First Web-Enabled Music HD DVD is expected to be released in Germany this August 31.


Next, if you're interested in some HD DVD-only discussions, you may want to check out this forum. The forum is pretty active with new topics added almost everyday.

Remember we asked for inputs on your wishlist of features on the Transformers (2007) HD DVD to make it much more than meets the eye to general audiences, please note that you can still post your opinions in this thread of the HD DVD Discussion Forum (HD DVD-only discussions, forum rules available here). It doesn't really have to be all logical. I once fantasised about the possibility that when the disc is played back, the player transforms into an Autobot. (But that's really a joke, the player couldn't transform.)

That's all for this week...



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