Thursday, August 23, 2007

Upcoming HD DVD Events & 24p Support Update

Once again, the month of September is about to arrive and it can be expected that HD DVD format's upcoming plans will be unveiled at the IFA 2007 and CEDIA Expo 2007. Hardware and software (HD DVD titles) announcements and other confirmations are likely to be made during these two events.
  • Toshiba and the European HD DVD Promotional Group is expected to hold a press conference at the IFA 2007, held in Berlin, on August 31.

  • And Toshiba will also be holding a press conference at CEDIA Expo 2007, on September 5.
Should there be any new announcements or confirmations being made at these events, we'll try to get them posted here as soon as possible. We would like to encourage all readers who have official HD DVD news from these events to contribute, so that we'll not miss out anything significant. Thanks in advance!

Also, should there be no further delays, Toshiba will add an enhanced performance function, come early September, to its HD-XA2 and HD-A20 HD DVD players by offering the capability for users to update the firmware of their players allowing playback of film content in 1080p/24 frames per second, or 24p. Movie films are traditionally captured at 24 frames per second and Toshiba's HD DVD players will be able to maintain this frame rate allowing consumers to enjoy movies in their native form. This firmware update is also expected to be applicable to the HD-XE1 and HD-EP10 HD DVD players.



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