Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Latest Firmware Update Information - November 2008

We've found the below information to be very important to all existing owners of HD DVD players, so we've decided to provide firmware update information on this blog as long as they are available from Toshiba/Onkyo/Venturer/Integra, despite the fact that we've decided to stop posting news on HD DVD. Starting today, only news regarding the latest firmware updates for HD DVD players will be posted on this blog.

Latest Firmware Versions/Updates... Click on the version number for further information.

Click here for instructions on how to check the version of the firmware installed on the HD DVD players from Toshiba, Onkyo and Venturer.

HD DVD Players Released in the U.S./Canada

HD DVD Players/Recorders Released in Japan

HD DVD Players Released in Europe

HD DVD Players Released in Middle East, Hong Kong, India, Israel & Southeast Asia

HD DVD Players Released in Australia & New Zealand

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