Saturday, September 01, 2007

HD DVD Titles Announced at the IFA 2007

A number of significant HD DVD titles were announced at the IFA 2007. Most of those announced will feature dynamicHD technology. They are expected to be released in Germany soon.

The new dynamicHD technology from Imagion AG, allows settop-players connected to the internet to update, unlock and download content hosted on special servers.

Those HD DVD titles, all featuring dynamicHD technology, includes
  • Crank (Q4/2007)
  • CSI – Crime Scene Investigation HD DVD Boxset (3 disc set edition) (Q1/2008)
  • Hannibal Rising (Q4/2007)
  • Neues vom Wixxer (Q4/2007)
  • Pan's Labyrinth (Q4/2007)
  • Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof (Q4/2007)
  • Herbert Grönemeyer – 12 live (Q4/2007)
  • Motörhead – Stage Fright (07/2007)
  • SAW 1 (Q1/2008)
  • SAW 2 (Q1/2008)
  • SAW 3 (Q1/2008)
  • Terminator 2 Ultimate HD DVD (2007/2008)

Terminator 2 Ultimate HD DVD is an example of how HDi interactivity and dynamicHD technology are both used to enhance the overall home entertainment experience. The video trailer of the upcoming HD DVD release is available via this link. The video trailer was recorded and uploaded by David Mackenzie, a hardware reviewer at DVD Times.co.uk

As presented at the official HD DVD Promotion Group’s press conference at IFA, this title will have a breathtaking set of innovative features on HD DVD.

Among them a “script-to-scene”-feature showing script, storyboard and the movie directly connected on the screen. Users can scroll through the script with the storyboard and the main feature automatically synched to it. T2 will also include a “goofs-mode” where the film can be viewed with all the goofs made visible through text-information, zooming in and special symbols.

Apart from these two groundbreaking features, the disc will feature much more bonus content making this HD DVD one of the “must-haves”. The dynamicHD interface will provide access to even more downloadable content, including up-to-date trailers from Kinowelt, and to the Terminator 2 Ultimate HD DVD online community.

Of course, as soon as we've more specific information about these HD DVD titles, we'll post them up here on this blog. So stay tuned.

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