Thursday, September 14, 2006

HD DVD Gets A Second-Gen Hardware Boost Along With Long Awaited Titles

HD-A2 (Entry-level, $499.99 SRP, Oct 2006) and HD-XA2 (Higher-end, $999.99, Dec 2006) have been announced by Toshiba America at CEDIA 2006. Both should have the same audio decoding capabilities... still no dts-HD decoders, only standard DTS decoders on-board meaning you can playback DTS-HD audio tracks, but what you'll get is the audio decoded from the DTS (Core 5.1) stream of the DTS-HD audio track.

The areas where both are different includes the audio output connections...* and the fact that only the HD-XA2 will support 1080p video output & HDMI 1.3. More details soon.

* Awaiting full spec sheet

Warner Home Video has finally given HD DVD consumers a release date for its much long(to the power of infinity)-awaited title - Batman Begins - which was not only repeatedly being mentioned and demoed on various occasions... but was continually being "delayed". Now (and finally), Batman Begins (with IME) will be due on HD DVD this Oct 10 and Polar Express will due on HD DVD the same day.


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