Sunday, September 10, 2006

HD DVD At IFA 2006 Round-up - European HD DVD Titles

Studio Canal
  • 10 titles that will be available from November 20 includes:
    - Basic Instinct
    - The Pianist
    - La Haine
    - Total Recall
    - Fog (John Carpenter's version)
    - Rambo I, II and III
    - Elephant Man
    - King Kong (1976)
  • An additional 15 titles planned by March 2007
  • All 25 titles currently planned for HD DVD release will contain DTS-HD Master Audio as the sole HD audio format.

Pathé Distribution

  • Renaissance, the French animated science fiction film will be available from September 27... Trailer of the HD DVD can be viewed via this link (requires high bandwidth)... or this link (medium resolution)

2 Entertain

  • BBC/Sir David Attenborough program, Planet Earth is planned for a HD DVD release.

Paramount Home Entertainment International, Universal Pictures International and Warner Home Video

  • Announced more than 25 titles including Apollo 13, Constantine, Goodfellas, Jarhead, M:i:III and Lethal Weapon will be available in Europe to coincide with the release of the Toshiba players.
  • Most of which have been released in the U.S. since the HD DVD debut back in April.

Eagle Vision, a division of Eagle Rock Entertainment in London

  • The Pat Metheny Group concert "The Way Up Live" HD DVD will be released by Eagle Vision on 2nd October 2006.
  • The HD DVD will feature DTS-HD Master Audio.

In summary,

  • The European market can expect nearly 40 titles by the end of 2006 and more than 55 titles in the first quarter of 2007.


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Any idea if that animated French movie will be available state side?


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