Thursday, September 14, 2006

HD DVD Mobile Experience in Denver, Colorado Convention Center, Sept 14 - 17

Exerpts from press release issued by North American HD DVD Promotional Group, Inc.:

Sept. 13 HD DVD is the only format approved by the DVD Forum that takes the best features of DVD -- the most successful audio/video product ever -- and enhances the cinematic experience with six-times better resolution and significantly better sound quality than regular DVDs. This translates into more explosiony-explosions in movies such as the "Bourne Supremacy" and more bloodcurdling screams in movies such as "Constantine." In addition, movies in HD DVD offer the bonus content you've come to expect from DVDs as well as unprecedented interactive capabilities available via Microsoft's HDi technology such as zooming, picture-in-picture director's commentaries and bookmarking of favorite clips.

"When it comes to HD DVD, seeing is believing, so we know consumers will be blown away when they experience movies in this format," said Craig Kornblau, president of Universal Studios Home Entertainment. "HD DVD lets you truly experience your high-definition TV to its full potential."

That's why HD DVD, supported by top consumer electronics, entertainment, IT, and disc replication companies, is hitting the road this fall to help consumers experience first-hand the next generation in home entertainment.

The HD DVD Mobile Experience will tour cities across the country allowing consumers to plunge into the new world of high-definition and experience the very latest in HD technology. The centerpiece of the attraction is an 18-wheeler that will allow participants to step into "The Look and Sound of Perfect." In 1,200 square feet surrounding the trailer, individuals will explore the many ways to experience HD DVD, including a home theater system with the sharpest, most realistic picture and surround sound, the newest HD DVD-enabled laptops and PCs, and a gaming environment offering a sneak-preview of the much anticipated external HD DVD drive for the Xbox 360 (available later this year). Every display at the HD DVD Mobile Experience will showcase the intense scenes, from high-speed chases to close-call rescues to futuristic fights, from some of the 150 Hollywood movies expected to be available in time for the 2006 holiday season.

In addition to the interactive, high-tech exhibits, one visitor to the HD DVD Mobile Experience in each city will have the chance to unlock "The Look and Sound of Perfect" and walk away with an HD DVD home theater system. Other prizes include gift cards to top home electronics retailers, HD DVD movie titles and more.

For tour dates and locations and for more information on HD DVD, visit http://www.TheLookAndSoundOfPerfect.com.

I suppose that the demonstrations/displays would better exhibit the capability of HD DVD than those found in some retail stores...


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