Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Paramount's next wave of HD DVD releases...

[August 15, 2006] Originally posted
[August 30, 2006] Updated with new release date for Nacho Libre HD DVD

Besides Mission: Impossible III setting three firsts for a Paramount title on HD DVD to be released on Oct 30, what other HD DVD releases can we expect from Paramount Home Entertainment?

Some distributor and retail sources have updated me that Paramount may be intending to release Nacho Libre ($39.99 SRP) and Mission: Impossible Ultimate Missions Collection ($99.99 SRP) on HD DVD, this coming Oct 31 (no longer day-and-date with the DVD due on Oct 24) and Oct 30 (day-and-date with the DVD release priced at $55.95 SRP) respectively. Yes, the ultimate boxset for the Mission: Impossible film franchise is being planned for a HD DVD release by Paramount before the year is out and Oct 30 may just be the release date.

Note that the above information provided by non-studio sources are still subject to changes by Paramount Home Entertainment since they have not been officially announced yet. Once Paramount officially announces them with complete details, you can expect coverage here... so stay tuned.


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