Monday, August 14, 2006

WHV's TV shows on HD DVD Plans...

"TravisHedger: Any plans for TV on HD DVD? Not just more space, but for better quality encodes too? Also any plans for the two Dukes of Hazzard Reunion and Hazzard goes to Hollywood made for TV movies from the 90s on DVD after you are done releasing the TV series? Thanks

Warner: Good question on both fronts. We'll evaluate the Dukes movies for potential release in the future. TV on HD DVD - you can expect some exciting news on this front but we can't announce specifics at this time. More to come on this in the relatively near future."

Never did I expect that the above conversation that took place during a Live Chat with Warner Home Video personnel conducted by Home Theater Forum does indeed translate into some real TV on HD DVD plans for "the relatively near future". Indeed, the recent insert provided with the 'Invasion: The Complete Series' DVD does provide some informal insight to Warner releasing TV shows (like Smallville and West Wing) on HD DVD. With HBO Video setting the precedence for Sopranos Season 6 (Part 1) on HD DVD, we can hope to see Warner releasing its prominent catalog of TV shows on HD DVD soon... And this is probably the first time we see a HD DVD promotional insert in a DVD.

And lastly, just take note that for TV shows Warner has decided to use the term 'In-Program Experience' for TV shows on HD DVD with the Picture-in-Picture Visual Commentary feature instead of term 'In-Movie Experience' which is logically used for Warner Bros. movies.


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