Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Some Blogsite Revamps, thoughts and some news...

Hello readers,

if you have been frequently visiting this blog lately, you will find that the sections on the right panel on this blog has additional weblinks that allows you to view the details of upcoming HD DVD titles based on their announced/revised release dates (that is, by clicking on the dates). These links will appear regardless of which specific post you viewing.

If you're looking for details of a specific HD DVD title that has been or would be released, you may do so by clicking on the 'HD DVD Release List' link and click on the title (you are looking for) to view the details.

If you have any comments and suggestions about this blog and the HD DVD format you'd like to share, you could do so by using the 'comments' link on this blog or sent me an e-mail at hd_dvd_format AT yahoo DOT com using the header 'hddvdformat-comments'.

If you've concrete breaking news that you would like to share with the thousands who come across this HD DVD blog each week, you could sent me an e-mail at hd_dvd_format AT yahoo DOT com using the header 'hddvdformat-news'.

But please note that the time I have to spent with my other commitments does not permit me to reply to every e-mail... especially since blogging all these stuff is neither a full-time nor a part-time job for me... just my keen interest in the HD DVD format and more so now that it has proven its high-definition image, sound & interactive capabilities are not things that can be ignored or brushed away in the advent of Blu-ray and PS3.

I believe that you may have heard of this before but bear with me as I see a need to go into this from my perspective. A general trend I'm sensing from the posts on various film/video/home entertainment interest forums is that HD DVD is gaining some ground with the general consumer/audience (especially since the word-of-mouth from early-adopters and praises from high-def format review sites have reached the ears of these consumers). I should add that even as these people are interested in HD DVD, they've yet to really commit themselves to either high-definition formats or high-definition in general and have no plans to really jump onto the high-def bandwagon so soon.

But at some point if they do and considering HD DVD is still the best (in terms of quality and affordability) format to experience high-definition, chances are they will choose HD DVD without much hesitation, possibly even in the face of fierce competition from Blu-ray.

Now, back to the news, Universal Studios Home Entertainment has announced the list of bonus materials on the DVD release of The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, which will also be present on the DVD side of the HD DVD/DVD Combo Format disc released on the same day. The full list of bonus material on the DVD side is updated and can be viewed by clicking here or the 'Sept 26 HD DVDs' link to the right of this blogpost.

Harry (aka Wild Bear)


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