Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Warner Home Video confirms next HD DVD releases...

Good Night and Good Luck, The Searchers and Caddyshack make their HD DVD debuts on August 22 from Warner Home Video. Good Night and Good Luck will be released as an HD-DVD/DVD combo and will be available for $39.99 SRP. The other two titles will sell for $28.99 SRP. Full details can be viewed by clicking on the "August 22 HD DVDs" link found to the right of this post.

It seems that there is a "clear" endorsement of the HD DVD format by WHV's Theatrical Catalog Marketing division in the press release:

Said George Feltenstein, WHV's Senior Vice President Theatrical Catalog Marketing, "Each time I watch a film in the new HD DVD format, I'm struck by the night-and-day difference -- resolution, contrast, vibrancy of color, crisp sound. The Searchers is a landmark Western celebrating its 50th Anniversary so what a perfect time to have it on HD DVD. As for the other titles: just look at how sharp the grass on the fairway at the Bushwood Country Club is, or the smoke from Ed Murrow's (many) cigarettes ...these are small things but they so contribute to the overall enhancement of the experience. It's a cliche but ... you have to see it to believe it."


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