Friday, July 28, 2006

Some possible HD DVD titles (Release Info Unknown)

I was just browsing through various forums and websites and they had seemingly convincing reports of titles that may appear on HD DVD in the coming weeks or months. Note that these titles do not yet have a UPC number assigned to them based on the records from distributors. They may/may not be released at all regardless of how convincing the information appear to be. But it is good to know that studios are indeed planning to release these titles...

Warner Home Video
  • Dirty Harry - Warner Home Video has announced that all the films of Dirty Harry franchise will be placed on moratorium from September 1. The moratorium will last for more than a year before all the films will be released again on standard DVD, HD DVD and Blu-ray formats in 2007 in their renewed glory with enhanced/new bonus features, as part of the Dirty Harry Collection. Full details available from this article. It does puzzle me as to why Warner may release this on HD DVD a month before this title is due for moratorium? Anyway, if Warner intends to release it on HD DVD, you are likely expect it on HD DVD before September (possibly advertised as "available for limited period").

  • Good Night, and Good Luck - Last we heard, it is supposed to be on a HD DVD / DVD Combo format disc on August 1?

  • V for Vendetta - This ones a bit tricky. Since Poseidon HD DVD is already due for release at the end of the year, I don't see why V for Vendetta isn't scheduled for release on HD DVD before the year is out...

Paramount Home Entertainment

  • The Ultimate Star Trek Movie Collection - Reports from the Comic-Con convention recently held at San Diego Convention Centre seems to suggest that Paramount already has the high-definition masters of the films and working towards a HD DVD release.


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