Thursday, May 18, 2006

Toshiba Corp. (Japan) releases first firmware update for HD-XA1

Toshiba's first HD DVD player that debut in Japan back in March , the HD-XA1, has been given a firmware update. It is available for download via the use of the Ethernet port with Broadband/Internet connection or by the request and reservation of the update on a CD-ROM via the Internet website (in Japanese) and/or fax. The update CD-ROM will take around 1 week for processing/sending.

The firmware update for the Japanese HD-XA1, is reportedly suppose to improve overall player performance, especially disc reading/loading efficiency. This is good news for the users who are experiencing a "significant" timelag on that machine than average DVD players, especially the time taken between loading the disc on the disc tray and appearance of the content on the display.

>> The article about the firmware update is here (in Japanese).
>> Official details from Toshiba (Japan) on how to get the firmware update for HD-XA1 (Japanese Market): here (in Japanese)

My guess is the update for the U.S. HD DVD players will not take too long and details should be announced soon. It may probably be already available on the Internet (Toshiba's server) for update via the Ethernet port with Internet connection.

As soon as I receive more information, I'll post them here...



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