Saturday, May 06, 2006

Cover Artwork Preview of Universal's Announced June & July HD DVD line-up

Further to my previous post of Universal's HD DVD line-up for April to July 2006, the preview cover artworks for the following announced titles are now provided at the bottom of this post.

13 Jun 06
>> Happy Gilmore
>> The Rundown

11 Jul 06
>> Friday Night Lights
>> Pitch Black Unrated Director's Cut

All the above-mentioned HD DVD titles will be released on HD-30 discs (or single-sided dual-layered discs with 30GB total capacity) with the exception of Happy Gilmore which will be released on the HD-15 disc (single-sided single-layered discs) instead.

Each of the main feature will be presented in their respective original aspect ratio, with Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 tracks in English, French and Spanish. The subtitles offered will be in English [SDH], French and Spanish. Other bonus extras to be confirmed at a later date.

Universal HD DVD titles on 13 Jun 06

Universal HD DVD titles on 11 Jul 06


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