Saturday, April 15, 2006

Toshiba's HD DVD is Now Available to Retail

It's Real, It's Here! The Defining Moment is Now.

Toshiba's HD DVD players, especially the HD-A1, is now available to some of major U.S. retail stores in limited quantities per store. But I believe by the time I have posted this information, most of the retail stores would have announced it as "Out of Stock". The posts over at the AVS Form "Picked up my Toshiba HD-A1 HD DVD today" seems to confirm the real availability (with image captures of the owners and their new HD DVD players).

The HD-A1's brother HD-XA1, I believe, should be available soon within the next week or so, despite unconfirmed rumours of eleventh-hour delay (which I'm pretty sceptical).

Players available, how about content/titles? Titles are available too, but I believe only major retail stores/rental outlets seemed to carry it. Especially those from Warner - Phantom of the Opera HD DVD with Dolby TrueHD seems to be available too. The posts made to the AVS Forum thread mentioned above seems to confirm this.

Got the players but still unaware of the HD DVD titles available to retail this and next month?
Check out my previous posts via the links below for more info on the titles and their disc specifications.

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I'll be doing a small coverage on almost all the HD DVD jargons/technologies that one will frequently encounter for the subsequent post.


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