Thursday, April 27, 2006

Studio Canal HD DVD titles for European region

Studio Canal (Part of the Canal+ Group) has officially announced the list of titles from its film (including distribution) library due for HD DVD release in 2006 in European regions. All will boast DTS-HD lossless audio and HD quality video encoded using VC-1 (from Microsoft).

The titles are as follows:
- Ali
- Arizona Dream
- Basic Instinct
- Elephant Man
- L'armée des Ombres
- La Cité des Enfants Perdus
- La Grande Vadrouille
- La Haine
- Le Cercle Rouge
- Le Lauréat
- Le Pacte des Loups
- Le Pianiste
- Les Trois Jours du Condor
- Million Dollar Baby
- Mulholland Drive
- Serpico
- Terminator 2
- The Fog
- Traffic
- Voyage au Bout de l'Enfer

Stay tuned for more updates when HD DVD format hits the European continent...


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