Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Next Wave of Warner HD DVD Titles (1)

Warner has announced the next wave of titles to be released on the HD DVD format. They are as follows:

2 May 2006
>> Goodfellas
>> Swordfish

9 May 2006
>> Rumor Has It (HD DVD & DVD Twin Format Disc)
>> Training Day

You should expect that the titles be presented in OAR with Dolby Digital-Plus audio track, as per previous Warner HD DVD releases. The bonus materials previously present in the DVD editions of these four titles will also be included on their HD DVD release.

Rumor Has It will be the first HD DVD title to be given the Twin Format Disc treatment on top of the standard DVD release; both scheduled for release on the same day - 9 May. The Twin Format disc, or in simpler terms, HD DVD and DVD hybrid disc, is capable of providing both the high-definition and standard definition version of the main feature film. The purpose of Twin Format discs is more for the rationale that one side of the disc can play on SD DVD players now and if one should get the HD DVD player in the future, the other side of the same disc can provide HD version of the film so he/she do not have to repurchase the same title on HD DVD in the future. Both money and space saving, in my opinion.

Cover artwork of the above announced titles


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