Friday, May 26, 2006

HD DVD Pre-recorded Content News (May 27, 2006)

First up, it will be the HD DVD content news...

This coming Tuesday, May 30 will be remembered as the Tuesday with no HD DVD releases, ever since the HD DVD format debut in U.S. on 18 April 2006 (officially) or 15 April 2006 (unofficially for early-birds who has gotten their HD-A1 early on that day).

About the would-be May 30 releases from Paramount

I believe some websites may have listed 3 Paramount HD DVD titles that will be released on May 30. But official sources have pulled the information and even earlier, there were some miscommunication with some websites listing a May 30 date and others June 20. I think we can be sure that Paramount is likely to start introducing its HD DVD titles and Blu-ray titles at the same time, which is the June/July period. So, the final word is that Four Brothers, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and U2: Rattle and Hum will not be released on May 30.

Universal Studios' August HD DVD Line-up

Universal Studios Home Entertainment has announced 4 titles to be released on the HD DVD format in August 2006.

8 August 2006
>> Ray (Descriptive Video ServicesĀ® track included)

22 August 2006
>> The Bone Collector
>> The Interpreter
>> Spy Game

Bonus materials for each title to be confirmed though it is likely that the bonus materials on their DVD releases will be included in the HD DVD release. HD DVD exclusive content to be confirmed.

Warner Home Video June 6 HD DVD Releases

Warner Home Video has announced that Constantine, Firewall and The Perfect Storm will jump aboard the HD DVD format on June 6.

Constantine, their first HD DVD title with the new In-Movie Experience feature (IME). IME raises the bar of interactivity, allowing viewers to enjoy new ways of accessing interviews and other material -- while the movie is running -- to find out more about the filmmaking process. The IME for Constantine features director Francis Lawrence leading an exploration of the plot, stunts, characters and production of Constantine.
Want to see a small video preview of what "In Movie Experience" is? Check out this clip. (Many thanks to HD DVD DeGoGo for providing the clip).

Firewall will be WHV's second HD DVD and DVD Combo Format, released day-and-date with its standard DVD version.

Stay tuned for full details soon...

DTS-HD Master Audio used on first European HD DVD Release

2046 is the first European-produced HD DVD title that has contains the DTS-HD Master Audio (Lossless) track. DTS-HD Master Audio delivers sound that is bit-for-bit identical to the master soundtrack for the next generation optical disc formats, whilst being fully backward compatible with all existing DTS-capable surround sound equipment.

That's all the content news there is for the moment (I hope...)

As May 30 is a free day with no new releases, I will be doing quite a few small posts with content relating to the past HD DVD releases and general HD DVD format information. So if you're interested, bookmark and stay tuned for it is coming soon...

Update: Microsoft introduces the HD DVD format with a longer possible list of titles that will be coming soon on the HD DVD format. The full list can be accessed here.


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