Wednesday, May 24, 2006

HD DVD Menus - Bourne Supremacy & Happy Gilmore

The Bourne Supremacy from Universal Studios will be the first HD DVD title that will start taking advantage of the capabilities that HD DVD format is able to provide. There will be a Picture-in-Picture screen-specific video commentary (Named "Presented by Toshiba: Bourne Instant Access") culled from various interviews and production featurettes included. If you only require the audio portion of the video commentary (to give your eyes a rest) , the audio-only option is also available.

The next title that uses similar capabilities will be Warner Home Video's Constantine HD DVD due on June 6. And Warner Home Video specifically calls it "In Movie Experience". Want to see a small video preview of what "In Movie Experience" is? Check out this clip. (Many thanks to HD DVD DeGoGo for providing the clip).

Just something extra, Universal Studios' Happy Gilmore will be due on HD DVD, June 13. Below is a preview of the menu. The only bonus content are deleted scenes and outtakes.

Stay tuned... More news and content coming up...


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