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'Le Labyrinthe de Pan' or 'Pan's Labyrinth' on HD DVD... (Updated June 1)

[May 21, 2007] Originally posted
[May 23, 2007] Updated with full details and disc specs of the HD DVD.
[June 1, 2007] Updated with previews of HD DVD menus / instant access menus courtesy of Wild Side Video. Be the first to see them here on this blog! Scroll down for the menu previews (Now also available in higher-resolution, by the request of some readers).
[June 11, 2007] First review of Le Labyrinthe de Pan HD DVD disc is already up on worldinhd (whd) website. A summary of the review is available in English at the bottom of the page. Thanks MOZ!

Wild Side Video has announced Le Labyrinthe de Pan (Pan's Labyrinth) on DVD in 3 editions - Standard, Collector's Edition and Ultimate Edition. All three are due for release in France, this July 4.

The HD DVD release of the film will only be available (on a non-combo disc) as part of the 5-discs Ultimate Edition set. It will be the world's first THX-Certified high-definition release for a non-catalog live action title.

The main feature will be presented in 1080p High Definition 16x9 1.85:1 video with DTS-HD Master Audio (Spanish) and DTS-HD High-Resolution Audio (French). Audio commentary on the HD DVD disc is presented in DTS-HD High-Resolution Audio format. Only French subtitles are provided.

The 3 DVD discs in the set would contain the standard definition release of the film plus bonus materials found exclusively on the Spanish DVD release, North American DVD release and the French 2-disc DVD release. The last disc of the set will be the original film score/soundtrack CD.

The 5-disc Ultimate Edition set is expected to be priced at 49,99 €. An exclusive 64-page book regarding the film and various aspects of the story is also included...

All the details here are extracted from the press release we received... A little cover artwork preview... and preview of the menus on the non-combo HD DVD disc.

Le Labyrinthe de Pan (Pan's Labyrinth) Ultimate Edition HD DVD disc
Instant Access (Pop-up) Menus

Click on the image previews below to see the higher-resolution version of the pop-up menus.

Classic Menus

Stay tuned for more...

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