Saturday, June 09, 2007

Silicon Optix HD HQV Benchmark HD DVD Now Available

Press release from Silicon Optix...

With the increasing demand for 1080p-capable products, Silicon Optix is introducing the newly-released HD HQV Benchmark, a disc that provides the tools required to evaluate the picture quality of various high definition products, such as your HDTV, monitor, video scaler, HD-DVD player, projector or AV receiver.

It is a “must have” for those that are considering purchasing any HD products; or for those who have already purchased HD merchandise and wish to test the performance of their existing products.

Like the standard HQV Benchmark, the high definition counterpart contains video tests and patterns that determine the quality of a product’s HD video signal processing. A set of five tests evaluate quality factors such as HD Noise Reduction, Video and Film resolution loss tests, as well a test for “jaggies”. The tests will reveal enough to help you determine which products thrive as HD contenders; and expose the products that are HD pretenders.

If you’re not familiar with HD testing and terminology, the HD HQV Benchmark provides an introduction, a summary of the tests, as well as an explanation for how to use the testing scorecard.

If you intend to get this disc, you may want to note that ultimateAV.com has provided promo coupon codes to save a quick $5 from the recommended pricing of $20, when you order online via HQV's website.



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