Friday, June 16, 2006

HD DVD Small Talk - HD DVD Release Slate

With 27 HD DVD titles from Warner Home Video and Universal Studios Home Entertainment already released to retail, what are the very likely titles that we may see on HD DVD besides those announced?

Will Paramount's first HD DVD titles really be released on June 27? It seems no real announcement is available from Paramount Home Entertainment as yet. But the HD DVD Promotion Group's release list which was first updated on June 8 with this piece of information (that Paramount's first HD DVDs will debut on June 27) was again updated on June 9, June 13 and June 15 with the June 27 date remain unchanged. Also, with Warner releasing only one title Lethal Weapon and none from Universal Studios on that day, it just seems very likely that Paramount may indeed have some HD DVD titles out on that day.

The Weinstein Company's Scary Movie 4 may also be expected on August 15... according to the same release list. If it is true, it will be Weinstein's first HD DVD title.

I, for one, am definitely looking forward to LOTR trilogy to be on HD DVD soon...


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