Thursday, June 08, 2006

First HD DVD Writable Drive Displayed at Computex Taipei 2006

Toshiba Corp. has displayed the first HD DVD Writable Drive (SD-L902A) and its pick-up head at the Computex Taipei 2006 show. The drive can write almost any optical disc you can find on the market now from CD-R/RW to DVD-/+R DL, DVD-/+RW and DVD-RAM to upcoming HD DVD-R. It can also read almost anything from CDs to DVDs to HD DVD-R. You may want to check out the source webpage (in Japanese) for higher resolution images...

[08 June 06] An image capture of the HD DVD-RW DL disc displayed at the Computex Taipei 2006 from Ritek (Taiwan-based company) is also posted...

It seems to be reported that HD DVD writable/recording drives and blank media may start to be available before the year ends...

Pictures below:

Also, a sneak peek look at a HD DVD-RW DL 30 GB disc from Ritek:


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