Friday, July 27, 2007

Weekly Roundup ~ July 21/28

First up, a summary of the past 2 weeks' HD DVD Hardware news... oldest headlines at the top
  • Toshiba's 'The Perfect Offer' For HD DVD Players Has Been Extended (Link)

  • Toshiba Ships First U.S. Notebook Computer with HD DVD-R Drive for Complete HD Experience (Link)

  • Toshiba Updates Firmware of HD-E1KTE (Hong Kong, India & Southeast Asia) to v2.0 (Link)

  • HD DVD Promotional Offers Around the World (Link)

  • Price Reduction for Xbox 360 HD DVD Player, Plus Free HD DVD titles (Link)


Next, a summary of this past 2 weeks' HD DVD software news...

  • Early details/Details of upcoming HD DVD titles from Warner Home Video, Image Entertainment and Discovery Communications (Link)

  • HD DVDs Released Next Tuesday, July 24 (Link)

  • Details of Japanese/North American release of The Reaping HD DVD (Link)

  • Gods and Generals, Gothika, Wild Bunch - The Original Director's Cut and Wyatt Earp on HD DVD, September 25 (Link)

  • Some Early Details of Knocked Up HD DVD (Link)

  • Warner's 'Best of HD DVD' Collection, Due Sept 18 (Link)

  • Motörhead's "Stage Fright" - World's First Web-Enabled Music HD DVD (Link)
  • Motörhead's "Stage Fright" - World's First Web-Enabled Music HD DVD Screenshots (Link)

  • Details of Paramount's Next HD DVD (Link)

  • Return to House on Haunted Hill on HD DVD, October 16 (Link)

  • Details of Stanley Kubrick's Films On HD DVD (Link)

  • Full Details of Star Trek: The Original Series Season One Remastered On HD DVD (Link)

  • Twilight Zone: The Movie On HD DVD, Oct 9 (Link)

  • Alexander Revisited - The Final Cut On HD DVD Soon? (Link)

  • HD DVDs Released Next Tuesday, July 31 (Link)


What's Been Updated?

  • Full Details of Heroes: Season 1 HD DVD (Link)

  • 300 On HD DVD Featuring HD DVD-Exclusive Extras, this July 31 (Link)

  • Latest Updates on Upcoming International HD DVD titles. (Link)


Latest Firmware Versions and Error Code Status explanation...

Instructions on how to check the version of the firmware installed on Toshiba's HD DVD players available here.

Please note that the new web-enabled HD DVDs such as Blood Diamond, Freedom Vol. 1 and 300 would require latest firmware update for the web-enabled features to function without major hiccups. Should you face still face error messages when accessing the web-enabled features after having updated your firmware to the latest version, do check out HD DVD ASSISTANCE FOR WEB-ENABLED FEATURES (Click on the link titled Web-Enabled Features on this website) for specific explanation of each error status code.

HD DVD Players Released in the U.S./Canada

HD DVD Players/Recorders Released in Japan

HD DVD Players Released in Europe

HD DVD Players Released in Asia (Hong Kong, India & Southeast Asia)

Microsoft Xbox 360 HD DVD Add-on Player

  • Version 2.0.4636.0 (After applying May 2007 Revised Update)



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