Friday, July 13, 2007

Toshiba Launching HD DVD Recorders in China?

As we all should know by now, the global sporting event, the Olympics, will be held in Beijing, China in 2008. If I'm not wrong, the event is also expected to be broadcasted in high-definition to countries where television stations support high-definition broadcasts.

Interestingly, according to this article, Toshiba expects a surge in demand for high-definition-related products in China in 2008, and thus "will launch HD DVD recorders in China in 2008 in a bid to promote the HD DVD standard over the Blu-ray Disc (BD) standard, according to industry sources in Taiwan."

Will this have spillover effects in terms of the cost of HD DVD players/recorders manufactured in China and sold elsewhere? Will this mean 2008 is the year we'll see lower price HD DVD players across the board from more manufacturers? Since the financial risks/costs of building HD DVD players falls...



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