Wednesday, December 13, 2006

"The Departed" HD DVD, and more...

We've been informed that Warner Home Video has indicated that The Departed will be released on HD DVD, March 7 in Australia. Please note that it is possible that the date may change. But this piece of news suggest that The Departed is very likely to be one of Warner's HD DVD releases in 2007, making its round in various continents. No additional details are provided, at the present moment.


Digital Leisure, Inc has announced last month the availability of Dragon's Lair for the first time in 1080p high definition on the next generation HD DVD format.

Dragon's Lair was first introduced in the arcades in 1983 and its laser disc video quality and Don Bluth animation made it an instant smash hit. Now, Digital Leisure and authoring studio Infinite HD Inc. have systematically gone through frame by frame and digitally restored this beloved classic arcade game to full True HD film quality.

All special features on the disc are in full 1080p HD including new interviews with creators Don Bluth, Gary Goldman and Rick Dyer, and even a full length visual commentary of the game.
Digital Leisure plans to follow up Dragon's Lair HD DVD with the release of Space Ace and Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp in the HD DVD format over the coming months.

Dragon's Lair HD DVD will be available this holiday season at many fine game and movie retailers as well as at http://www.digitalleisure.com/. In Australia, Simitar DVD will be releasing the HD DVD in February 2007 and it will feature similar specs.


Much earlier this year, titles like Harry Potter (Goblet of Fire) and The Matrix were announced for release on HD DVD format, but Warner has not announced any release date for them despite Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire HD DVD available for sale in some European countries.

I do hope that the delay of these 2 titles isn't largely due to its promise of format neutrality, otherwise, it would be very disappointing.

On the other hand, the delay might be due to Warner reintroducing the existing Harry Potter film franchise (from Sorcerer's Stone to Goblet of Fire) on both DVD and HD DVD just weeks before the 5th film (Order of the Phoenix) makes it theatrical debut (since Warner has earlier announced that the Harry Potter I - IV DVDs will be placed on moratorium from January 2007).

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