Friday, October 06, 2006

M:i-3 due on HD DVD in Japan, Nov 17

Paramount (Japan) has announced that Mission: impossible III will arrive on HD DVD in Japan, November 17, day-and-date with its DVD release. Similar to the North American HD DVD release in terms of disc specs, this HD DVD set contain 2 HD-30 (Single-sided, Dual-layered) HD DVD discs. The 2-disc HD DVD set will be priced at 4,935 Yen (inclusive of relevant taxes). Similarities aside, there are some significant differences, the most important of them all is that the "enhanced video commentary" earlier announced for the North American HD DVD release is only an "audio-only" commentary on the Japanese HD DVD release. Cover artwork preview below...

A box set featuring all 3 films of the M:i franchise has also been announced for release on HD DVD on November 17. The boxset will contain 4 HD DVD discs - 2 from M:i III and 1 each for M:i I and M:i II. Audio for the main feature will be in Dolby Digital-Plus 5.1. The box set will be priced at 12,000 Yen (inclusive of relevant taxes). Click on the cover artwork below for more details direct from Paramount (Japan)...

Paramount (Japan), Warner (Japan) and Universal (Japan) have also earlier announced titles that are due on HD DVD before the year ends...



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