Saturday, January 05, 2008

Warner Bros will be releasing HD DVD titles until May '08

Statement taken the press release from Time Warner Newsroom...

"... all new titles will continue to be released in HD DVD until the end of May 2008."

HD DVD Promotional Group statement...

"While Warner's decision is a setback for HD DVD, the consumer has benefited from HD DVD's commitment to quality and affordability -- a bar that is critical for the mainstream success of any format. We believe widespread adoption of a next generation format will ultimately be determined by the consumer."

Our opinion...

Warner Bros. has had many quality HD DVD releases over the past 2 years... classic films such as Casablanca, newer ones such as Harry Potter and The Matrix Trilogy with HD DVD-exclusive In-Movie Experience! feature (which we appreciate everytime it is included Warner's HD DVD releases) and we, as consumers, are disappointed that they are not going to continue release content on our preferred format after May 2008. Nevertheless, life still goes on (Compared with oil prices hitting a record US$100 per barrel, this piece news seemed less troubling.) and we will still be continuing our coverage of HD DVD titles on this blog.



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