Sunday, December 30, 2007

Promotional package for Venturer's SHD7001 HD DVD Player

[United Kingdom]

Venturer Electronics UK Ltd has announced that the SHD7001 HD DVD player (Technical specs can be found here.) will be available to buy in the UK exclusively from QVC TV Home Shopping Channel from December 29, 2007, when it will be the featured product of the day (Today’s Special Value).

The QVC price for the SHD7001 will be £206.00. Every new SHD7001 will be supplied with a fantastic add on package worth around £50.00 (two fantastic HD DVDs - Hulk and Troy - and a HDMI cable, for free). The package will also include a voucher that enables customers to redeem 5 more free HD DVDs courtesy of the European HD DVD Promotional Group. Until 31st January 2008 customers can use their redemption voucher to select 5 of their favourite titles for free from a list of HD DVDs, giving them complete freedom of choice. No additional charges will be made as postage and packaging will also be completely free.

QVC is available on Sky Digital channel 630, Freeview channel 16 and Virgin TV channel 740. To order call 0800 50 40 30 or visit http://www.qvcuk.com/.

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