Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dec 2007 Xbox 360 HD DVD Player Update...

The Dec 2007 HD DVD Update for Xbox 360 HD DVD Player is now available for download via Xbox Live.

After the update has been installed, the HD DVD player application should now be version 2.0.4645. To check the version of your HD DVD player application while playing a disc, press Display and then select the ? icon.

According to Andy Pennell's Blog, this update resolves the following issues that have been identified...

  • Fixes hang when saving bookmarks on a few network titles when connected to the network (e.g. Transformers, Evan Almighty, Heroes HD DVDs)
  • Fixes the playback problems associated with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix HD DVD, when In-Movie Experience! (IME) is enabled
  • Fixes spurious "There was a problem with licensing for this content" error on a few titles (the issue had nothing to do with licensing FYI)

For further information, you may want to refer to the blog.

For owners of Xbox 360 HD DVD Add-on player who are having problems with HD DVD playback, even after the latest updates have been applied, you may want to refer to this blog entry from the above-mentioned blog, for some troubleshooting tips.



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