Tuesday, December 18, 2007

'Halloween' & 'The Mist' HD DVDs Planned for 2008


Early information indicates that German HD DVD release of both Halloween (2007) and The Mist (2007) are currently being planned for 2008.

In addition, the German home video distributor, Senator Film, has announced that each of the following films will be released (in high-definition) on home video simultaneously in both Germany and North America next year. Hence, previously announced release dates will have to be re-adjusted... According to the retail listing on Amazon.de, it seems that Death Proof HD DVD has been moved from January 7, 2008 to March 23, 2008.

Anyway, the German HD DVD release of these films have been scheduled for 2008 and they will be day-and-date with the German DVD release.
  • Death Proof
  • 1408
  • Planet Terror
  • Halloween (2007)
  • The Mist (2007)

We'll post the latest information, especially the new release dates, when they are available to us. So stay tuned...

Source: AreaDVD.de



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