Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Some Early Information on Upcoming HD DVDs

[North America]

Some special interest HD DVD titles are expected to arrive in March 2008.
  • Aquarium Impressions (March 4, 2008 / $16.98 SRP)
    - All the relaxing ambience of a real aquarium without the expense and hassle of cleaning it. Enjoy the variety of sea dwellers in a tropical paradise with an unbelievable high-quality picture, as you chill out to the soothing music.

  • Fireplace Impressions (March 4, 2008 / $16.98 SRP)
    - This program brings a crackling, cozy fire into any living room, letting viewers curl up while listening to either an hour of classic, stirring Mozart compositions or the German-language audio book "Die Reisen und Abenteuer des Barons Münchhausen."

  • Mystic Forest (March 4, 2008 / $16.98 SRP)
    - Relax and enjoy the beauty hidden deep within the trees and forests in this HD title. The amazing pictures are accompanied by medically tested relaxation-music.

Do note that this is early information so it is subject to changes.



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