Monday, January 07, 2008

'Terminator 2' Ultimate Edition & 'Premonition' Arrives On HD DVD, March 20


In Germany, both Terminator 2 Ultimate Edition & Premonition / Die Vorahnung (2007) will be available to own in high-definition on HD DVD, come March 20, 2008. Terminator 2 Ultimate Edition will be available in high-definition only on HD DVD.

Terminator 2 Ultimate HD DVD is an example of how HDi interactivity and dynamicHD technology are both used to redefine the overall home entertainment experience. The video trailer of this upcoming HD DVD release is available via this link. It contains various snippets of what to expect while viewing the movie in high-definition via HD DVD.

The video trailer was recorded and uploaded by David Mackenzie, a hardware reviewer at DVD Times.co.uk when he attended European HD DVD Promotional Group's IFA 2007 Press conference last year.

According to the trailer, we can expect the director's cut of the film - a fully restored 1080/24p transfer coupled with dts-HD 7.1 audio - on the HD DVD. Plus, bonus materials including new interactivity and picture-in-picture features.

Complete details will be revealed on this blog as soon as they are made available to us. So stay tuned.

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