Friday, October 19, 2007

Some interesting reads around the web...

  • Our friends over at HighDefDiscNews.com has uploaded their review of Face/Off 2-disc Special Collector's Edition HD DVD. You may read the review here.

  • Microsoft and Toshiba working on an upcoming Xbox with built-in HD DVD playback capabilities? Read the full article here (SmartHouse).

  • Blu-ray vs. HD DVD: a Solution Abroad (Wall Street Journal) - The article explains how imports, especially HD DVD imports, defeats the content exclusivity problem.

  • And lastly, just encountered an interesting site that allows you to examine how a person's love of USB gadgets can get seriously unhealthy.... Humor aside, the website was created by the USB Implementers Forum to promote USB.

Our HD DVD Release List is updated with the latest information. This will be the last post for the week... Will be back next Monday.


At 11:01 PM, Blogger HighDefDiscNews said...

thanks for including our Review!

- Your friend Justin Sluss from HighDefDiscNews

At 4:11 PM, Blogger Wild Bear said...

Its the first review of Face/Off SCE HD DVD that I've read so far.

It seems the transfer for the HD DVD is pretty good.

I'm certainly glad they went with the 2-disc to include featurettes in high-def.

Thanks for this review... and the one on Transformers too.

Harry (alias Wild Bear)


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