Monday, July 23, 2007

'Harry Potter' and a few updates about this blog...

Finished reading the last Harry Potter book... Certainly a satisfying read after following the series for nearly 8 years. I'm glad that J.K. Rowling ended the series the way she intended to.

Next, I've set up a mini-forum for HD DVD-only discussions, to complement this blog. The focus of the forum is for HD DVD owners and people who are interested in getting HD DVD to share questions, information, their knowledge and experiences of HD DVD products.

We're currently putting the forum on a trial period of a few weeks. If everything works out well and there are enough interested posters after the trial period, the forum will continue be a permanent feature of this blog and we'll expand the categories of discussion as the time progresses. If not, then we'll review to see if the forum should continue.

And lastly, please read this note before deciding to register as a poster on the forum.


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