Friday, March 23, 2007

Weekly Round-up - March 24, 2007

About the hardware...
  • Toshiba (America) has announced that the list prices for HD-A2 & HD-A20 will be reduced come April 1. The higher-end model HD-XA2 now has a listed price of $799 instead of $999. HD-A2 will be priced at $399 instead of $499 and HD-A20 (similar to HD-A2 but capable of 1080p video output) will be priced at $499 instead of $599.
  • Sound And Vision Magazine's piece of review on the latest HD DVD player, HD-XA2, is up online. It can be read via this link. Overall, a positive review in my opinion.
  • Currently, only HD DVD-R/HD DVD-ROM drives are being produced & shipped. I believe Toshiba, Acer and a few other vendors are offering PC/laptop line-up with such drives built-in.
  • Firmware Updates:
    - HD-XA2/D2/A2/A20 - Version1.3
    - HD-XA2/XF2 (Japan) - Version 1.3
    - HD-XE1/E1 - Version 1.3
    - HD-XA1 (Japan) - Version 2.1
    - HD-XA1/A1/D1 (North America) - Version 2.0

About the software...

  • Studio Canal has confirmed that the 15 HD DVD titles will be released on May 21 instead of March 26 (after a first delay from March 5). It is reportedly due to the inclusion of the updated AACS layer in the discs. Further details via this blogpost.
  • Universal Studios Home Entertainment & Paramount Home Entertainment has announced a list of HD DVD titles that will debut at retail in the upcoming months. Our HD DVD release list have been updated with all these announcements.
  • Warner Home Video has announced all three Matrix films on HD DVD. They will arrive at retail on May 22. Details here.
  • Warner Home Video has announced The Fountain on HD DVD/DVD Combo disc, May 15. The main feature will be presented in 1080p High Definition 16x9 1.85:1 with Dolby Digital-Plus 5.1 audio tracks. It will be priced at $39.99 SRP. Bonus materials include documentary and trailer.



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