Saturday, March 10, 2007

Toshiba (Japan) Releases Version 2.1 Firmware Update for HD-XA1

Toshiba (Japan) has released the fourth firmware update for its first HD DVD player, HD-XA1, that was released in Japan back in March 2006.

This latest release will update the firmware in HD-XA1 to version 2.1.

It is available for download via the use of the Ethernet port with an Internet connection or by the request of the update on a CD-ROM via the Internet website (in Japanese) or by sending/faxing back the completed request form.

This firmware update v2.1 reportedly addresses certain HD DVD playback issues identified by Toshiba.

Official details from Toshiba (Japan) on how to get the firmware update for HD-XA1 (Japan): here (in Japanese)

Guess the firmware update for the U.S. release of HD-XA1 can be expected within the next few weeks.



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