Friday, February 23, 2007

Toshiba (Japan) Releases v1.3 Firmware Update for HD-XA2 & HD-XF2

Toshiba's second-generation HD DVD player that debut in Japan back in late 2006/early 2007 , the HD-XA2 & HD-XF2, has both been given a first firmware update to version 1.3.

It is available for download via the use of the Ethernet port with Broadband/Internet connection or by the request of the update on a CD-ROM via the Internet website (in Japanese) or sending/faxing back the completed request form.

The firmware update v1.3 reportedly improves the player's reading of supported discs.

>> Official details from Toshiba (Japan) on how to get the firmware update for your HD-XF2 & HD-XA2(Japan): here (in Japanese)

I believe the v1.3 firmware updates for HD-XA2/A2/D2 (North America) and HD-E1/HD-XE1 (European) should be ready within the next few weeks.

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