Thursday, February 15, 2007

Previews to other possibilities of interactivity on HD DVD...

AV Watch (Japanese website) has provided a glimpse into the HD DVD authoring of an anime, titled Freedom.

It talked about the work required to encode anime titles, in particular, Freedom.

Furthermore, the article discussed some work-in-progress stuff with regards to interactivity... It seems that text-based (keyword) search for a particular scene is being tried out. Possibly the scenes will be pre-tagged? And also more picture-in-picture with storyboards... Preview images are available on the weblink provided above.

Although Bandai Visual has announced that they intend to release this title along with three others in 2007, no specific date or disc details were given at this demonstration.

It is nice to note that various possibility to enhance viewing experience through interactivity is being explored, since every HD DVD player (with the DVD Forum approved HD DVD logo) is equipped with the capability to handle such interactivity (for instance, picture-in-picture video commentary/branching footage, etc. and bonus content via the Internet connection).

I do hope to see more titles challenging today's limits on what is possible.

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