Wednesday, January 10, 2007

No announcement expected from Universal Studios during CES'07 but...

the sky is not falling yet. HighDefDigest.com has reported and I quote the sentence here "they (Universal Studios Home Entertainment) confirmed they will not be unveiling any new street dates or detailed title info at all for the duration of the show."

Although I would like to hear their brief plans for 2007, after covering HD DVD releases for more than a year, I've come to realise the following...

Remember at last year's CES, Universal Studios Home Entertainment announced the first 10 titles that can be expected in 2006 and all except The 40 Year Old Virgin is currently available on HD DVD. Who'd have expected King Kong, The Mummy, Seabiscuit and many others that were not earlier announced at the CES but mentioned and/or speculated, to join many other HD DVD releases in 2006. In addition, I didn't encounter any press release for titles released after the HD DVD format's launch in April 2006. Information was taken from the studio, the distributors, retailers and other sources.

After a year of posting release dates and details of upcoming HD DVD titles, I'm pretty confident and looking forward to another year of interesting and exciting HD DVD releases from all supporting studios.

And yes, as and when we receive substantial information on upcoming releases, you'll see them here, just like when we first reported King Kong (2005) coming to HD DVD...

Anyway, HighDefDigest.com is reporting that a promotional flyer has listed The 40 Year-Old Virgin, American Pie, Bruce Almighty, the 2003 remake of Dawn of the Dead, Pride & Prejudice, the original The Bourne Identity and Inside Man are titles from Universal Studios coming soon to HD DVD.

Furthermore, Universal Studios Home Entertainment seems to be trying out the networking features of the HD DVD format enabled by HDi. Demos of HD DVD networking features by InterVideo (now part of Corel) has the participation of Universal Studios. A possibility of including networking features on future HD DVD titles may have contributed to the lack of title announcements now, to re-decide the titles that would take advantage of this functionality.

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