Saturday, January 06, 2007

Blog's First Anniversary celebrated with a surprise...

Yep, my first post happened on Jan 6, 2006...

CES 2006, HD-XA1, HD-A1, Firmware v1.4, HD DVD Recorder RD-A1, Batman Begins HD DVD, King Kong HD DVD, IFA 2006, The Mummy HD DVD, Mission: Impossible HD DVD boxset, Xbox 360 HD DVD Add-on, CEATAC 2006 etc...

We've brought you news, information about HD DVD and covered every event that features HD DVD Format over the past year... some of these would not have been possible without the readers who sent in stuffs about HD DVD format from all over the world.

Looking back, its been a great year and blogging experience. The future of the blog is still very much undecided but we'll try continuing our coverage on HD DVD for at least the next few months or the rest of the year.

I personally enjoyed every movie that I've bought on HD DVD and I do hope that 2007 will herald another year of exciting releases. Here are 4 titles that are currently ranked high on our (mine and my c0-blogger's) wishlist:
  1. Harry Potter series (with In-Movie Experience)
  2. The Matrix Trilogy
  3. Extra-Terrestrial (1982 Theatrical Cut)
  4. Back to the Future Trilogy

Next, the surprise...

I don't know if this small preview of what to expect during CES 2007 announcement is considered a surprise... anyway here it is (based on several sources):

  • Paramount, Warner, Universal Studios, HBO Home Video and New Line Home Entertainment will continue releasing content on HD DVD (This is obvious but restating this would mean that none of the studios are switching over to a competing format exclusively).
  • New titles such as Happy Feet and The Departed, along with catalog titles such as Dog Day Afternoon and Bullitt can also be expected from Warner Home Video on HD DVD in 2007. There should be an increase in the number of HD DVD titles with In-Movie Experience.
  • Universal Studios is expected to announce HD DVD titles during the event but unfortunately I'm unable to provide any early details on them...



At 7:46 AM, Blogger Michael said...

Where did you get the info for Back to the Future Trilogy?

At 8:00 AM, Blogger Wild Bear said...

I posted that BTTF is part of the few titles that ranked high on my wishlist.


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