Thursday, January 04, 2007

Dual Format Discs, ...and Players

Warner Bros, which holds various patents on the DVD Format, is set to debut another disc format at the CES 2007, the Total HD disc - which will be playable on both HD DVD and Blu-ray players.

Currently, there seems to be no official source that mentions how it can be implemented and introduced. I have my reservations with respect to this Total HD disc because it may add to some consumer confusion - imagine the number of labels and specifications charts you'll need to add for the audio and video, and consider the possible disparities between special features on HD DVD and Blu-ray releases from studios supporting both formats (such as the video commentary on M:I 3 HD DVD while an audio commentary on Blu-ray release). I believe such a dual-format disc may be more useful/marketable for movie-only releases...


LG Electronics, after months of rumors, speculations and PR statements made regarding dual-format players, has finally and officially announced (Press release in English here) that it is premiering its first high-definition player that will playback both HD DVD and Blu-ray at 1080p resolution, at the CES 2007 next week. More details about its retail debut and pricing should be made available at the event.

Personally, given a choice between dual-format disc and dual-format players, I would prefer the latter. Of course, ultimately, I would prefer that there be more vendors introducing HD DVD-only players at competitive pricing.



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