Friday, January 26, 2007

AACS Licensing Administrator Responded to Claims of AACS being Compromised

January 24, 2007

AACS LA has confirmed that AACS Title Keys have appeared on public web sites without authorization. Such unauthorized disclosures indicate an attack on one or more players sold by AACS licensees. This development is limited to the compromise of specific implementations, and does not represent an attack on the AACS system itself, nor is it exclusive to any particular format. Instead it illustrates the need for all AACS licensees to follow the Compliance and Robustness Rules set forth in the AACS license agreements to help ensure that product implementations are not compromised. AACS LA employs both technical and legal measures to deal with attacks such as this one, and AACS LA is using all appropriate remedies at its disposal to address the attack.

AACS LA founders include IBM Corp, Intel Corp, Microsoft Corp, Panasonic, Sony Corp, Toshiba Corp, the Walt Disney Co and Warner Bros Studios, a unit of Time Warner Inc.

Reuters also has a report on this issue.



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