Friday, June 23, 2006

HD DVD Small Talk - All the Speculation & Rumors

Warner's Poseidon is coming to DVD on August 22. It will come in 2 editions (the single-disc for $28.99 SRP and the two-disc Special Edition $34.99 SRP). Given that the 2-disc DVD edition is more likely to make it on the HD DVD release, we may see either HD-30 (SS-DL HD DVD) or a HD-30/DVD-9 Combo format disc being used if Poseidon is indeed announced as one of the upcoming fresh-from-theater titles on HD DVD.

Similar speculations could also be made for V for Vendetta. The DVD (both single and dual discs) are due August 1.

You can be sure that if those titles are announced on HD DVD, you'll see the details here.


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