Wednesday, December 05, 2007

80,000 Unique Users Embrace HD DVD's Web-enabled Experience

Transformers which continues to be one of the top selling titles in any high definition format, had more than 80,000 unique online users, with 31% returning to download additional content as it became available.

Universal's current web-enabled titles, which include Heroes: Season One, Knocked Up, and Evan Almighty, saw an average of 30% of HD DVD purchasers going online to download content and connect with other fans.

Web-enabled features found on Paramount's Transformers include downloadable Sector 7 Transmission videos, Transformers Profiler with still photography and bios, and Intelligence Mode, a special data dashboard providing stats on the various Autobots and Decepticons, a GPS locator and factoids. The Transformers HD DVD also includes Menubots, which allow fans to customize their menus to a variety of themes, from Bumblebee to Megatron.

Universal's Heroes: Season 1 HD DVD offers a Download Center filled with exclusive content, trailers and show updates. The boxed set also includes a Genetic Abilities Test where fans can test themselves and post their "hero profile" to the Heroes community site on NBC.com, triggering a unique access code to view exclusive content.

Personally, being able to access the web-enabled features directly on your HD DVD player with an Internet connection is a plus, because it saves the inconvenience of looking for a PC, installing software that may conflict with your existing PC environment and the need for more troubleshooting both at the software or the Internet connection side.

Paramount Home Entertainment HD DVD titles with web-enabled features include:

Universal Studios Home Entertainment has provided stills of every U-Control and Web-enabled feature that they have introduced on their HD DVD titles. Web-enabled features would include

  • Download Center - Get connected and sign up now to download exclusive content, trailers and updates directly to your HD DVD player.
  • My Scenes Sharing - Now you can share your favorite cliplist with your friends through the next evolution of My Scenes. Simply create your Buddy List and invite your friends to become HD DVD members and join the UniversalHiDef.com community. You can manage and update your Buddy List any time. Once you register, check out My Scenes Inbox on your HD DVD player and start sharing!
  • U-Shop -The Almighty Store - Now you can shop in your living room! The Almighty Store comes to HD DVD. Open a U-Shop Account, pop in the disc and start purchasing exclusive products from the comfort of your couch. Go to the Download Center and download the entire store right to your HD DVD player
  • Heroes Ability Test on Heroes Season 1 HD DVD - Take the Abilities test and your profile will be uploaded to NBC.com/Heroes.

Source: Web Communities Flourish With New HD DVD Titles



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