Friday, November 16, 2007

Promotional Events Celebrating the HD DVD Premiere of 'Star Trek: TOS Remastered'

[North America]

Virgin/Toshiba to Give Away Free HD DVD Players (Valued at $299)

  • This will happen on November 20 at Virgin Megastore - Times Square and Virgin Megastore - Union Square, when you are among the first 120 customers (at Virgin Megastore - Times Square) or first 30 customers (at Virgin Megastore - Union Square) who purchased the Star Trek: The Original Series Season 1 Remastered HD DVD/DVD Combo disc set. Besides this HD DVD player giveaway, there are also goodie bags being given away at the event too... to the first few hundreds. Complete details of this event can be found here.
Phaser Promotion for HD DVD Release
  • Toshiba has teamed up with CBS Home Entertainment, with plans to offer purchasers of both the Star Trek: The Original Series Season One HD DVD/DVD boxed set and any Toshiba HD DVD player an exclusive, limited edition "Star Trek" Phaser remote control that will operate Toshiba's HD DVD players. This promotion is planned to coincide with the launch of the "Star Trek" HD DVD boxed set on November 20.

  • This promotion runs from the November 20, 2007 to February 29, 2008, and it requires participants to purchase both the HD DVD set and the Toshiba HD DVD player within that time frame. The form to fill out will be available with the Star Trek HD-DVD Combo boxed set. Save those receipts! You will be required to provide proof of purchase to participate in the promotion. Complete details of the promotion can be found here.



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